Lil Wayne Signs Shapely Newcomer Stephanie Acevedo To Young Money

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  • jealous

    ddefinately fucked weezy for a deal

  • Neuf Cent Douze Yeezy

    Plz dont buy fake big uggly ass like Nicki ! Stay cute <3

    • IKTR

      She don’t need any more ass from the pix I’ve seen. She is phyne as hell

  • So the company is at odds and possibly falling apart and you decide to sign another person when your own album is being put on hold… that doesn’t make sense Weezy

    • CG3000

      Falling Apart??? They are just at a disagreement on Wayne’s contract and release date for his final album (On Cash Money). As long as Drake and Niki are doing numbers YM aint going anywhere. Plus Birdman is using Thug and Quan (he will eventually fuck them over) to make bank off of. Normally when parterns in a company are at odds its because a lot of money is coming in and people are not happy with how it is distributed. When companies are falling apart they simply dissolve.

      • can deal w stupid

        Young money and cash money are two different things dumba****

  • esad

    LOL this nigga want out of Ca$h Money but he putting people on to it, i don’t get it.

    • stupid

      Well arent you a high school drop out

  • cant deal w stupid

    Young money is waynes company cash money is birdmans just like drakes is ovo . God some of you people are imbeciles

  • ($*Boss Life*CooL K Kartel$*)

    a thirsty thot

  • Denise Sutherland

    She’s a load of shite . Of course she’s lovely looking . But he signed her arse not her voice


  • Trip6

    tunech is a savage ahahaha