Lil Wayne Protege Flow Back In Jail For Double Murder

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  • Ye’

    This nigga’s a gangsta

  • 12oClock

    he couldnt just ask somebody to go get the phone why show your face when you are the prime suspect- when keeping it real goes wrong

    • Eastcoastflavor

      He a dumb ass niggas that’s why

  • TwistedHemp

    i fucks wit homie doe he got some bars

    • MrDana D Ashford

      Lmao, he got some real bars now

      • Robert Glavinic


  • dj202


  • KingMidas

    i went to high school with this dude…he was wild back then too

    • S.b. Donny

      Me to reed days was the shit him and flame gang used to be all in the hallways and shit actin a ass

      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        He’ll have plenty time to act a ass now smdh

        • black adam

          bruh.. lol

  • Je’sus

    I know people hate when rappers are not bout that life, but I wish these niggas aren’t. Bruh lost opportunity to do nothing and get paid

    • TimDerr

      nobody actually hates that except for other stupid thugs. Most of us normal folk understand that its all lies and entertainment and we are fine with that.

      • Je’sus

        Tru Tru.

  • Anthony Flores

    Fuck another one!?

  • 100squad

    When buddy say he a hitter, believe him.,
    Ain’t no telling how many he than stained, probably why Wayne keep em around he aint scared to give nobody a day.. #faceonashirtlife

  • Christian Fox

    Isnt Kendrick Bishop Kendrick Lamar’s real name

    • Connor Van Deventer

      Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is his real name

      • Christian Fox

        My bad im trippin

  • 100%Real

    I kinda don’t believe this. I dont think Flow got bail cause If he did then why didnt he post anything on instagram or twitter that he was out? and why not drop some music? he said he has wolf 2 done??

    • Dondaddachris

      I mean they did say his new bail was 3.5 mill….Flow don’t got that kind of money to put up. Shit even most millionaire rappers couldn’t produce that kind of bread upfront in full

      • TimDerr

        you only have to post 10% but that is still a lot. I’m jus saying that most millionaire rappers can produce it if they are really millionaires.

      • 100%Real

        Yeah i later found out that he did get bail but was on internet restrictions couldn’t post a pic or anything couldnt be in the media or some shyt idk but Wayne bailed him out now he back in and new bail is 3.5mill.

  • wheez954

    Real blood nigga

  • Linoh Locc

    Real nigga right there. anyways Happy Birthday To Da Best Rapper Alive Lil Wayne !!!

  • Slim

    He did get out that man just went back 2 days ago

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Is this the same nigga who went at Young Thug for going at Wayne?

    • Je’sus


  • Anthony Mitchell

    damn shame. he was one of the hardest rappers in the ym camp

  • #Worklife

    Lol 3.5 million he wont be posting that shyt

  • doomcannonrainman

    “In 2013, Flow was brought in on charges of attempted first degree murder. However, prosecutors dropped that case when witnesses failed to show up to testify.” Yeah, I wonder why they didn’t show up…