Lil Wayne Drops Video For ‘CoCo’ Remix

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  • Beba

    I thought Mannie fresh and birdman made cash money why Lil Wayne still repping cash money when bird and Manny put cash money on

    • shamar jones

      He’s saying he carried cash money on his back when the hot boyz and Mannie fresh left cash money definitely didn’t have anybody else selling records from 04-09

    • Junko Mihori

      Yes, i understand it the same way Shamar has explain.

  • James Thomas

    U sound crazy as Hell Tha Carter saved cash money nigga and everybody know dat

  • Oprah’s Side Nigga

    They should keep Wayne in that cage so he dont make no more trash music.

  • G Mo

    He should just not drop the carter we had enough Wayne you can retire now we dont need no more generic ass traps

  • Danni_Guhkris904

    This whole situation on Wayne. If he see how Baby did Gizzle then what make him think shit wasnt gone happen to him. Baby treated Gizzle the same way we been seeing him treat Wayne over the years, like a big brother but Wayne and Baby went a step further, so i really dont feel sorry for that nigga. Shouldve listened when UNLV and Gizzle made that song back in 05.