Lil Wayne Could Have Teenage Son He Never Knew About

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  • kushxchevys

    15 years later ……….

    Fuck outta here

    • Astronaut

      Facts. Blood is blood tho.

      • kushxchevys

        Yup dna test in this case…. if it matches fuck it bite da bullet blood thats yo fifth child lol

        Id take dat test tho cus i doubt she kept quite for 13-15 years cus she couldnt get a hold of him lol

    • Mike Savage

      atleast she showed she cared for the child on her own for 15 years that’s only 3 years weezy gotta pay.

      • kushxchevys

        Lets stop and think. If its true why would she keep her child frm pops? Big no no

        • Mike Savage

          tru story same thing happened to me

          • kushxchevys

            Thats fucked up tho..

            I was in da hosptial when my kid was being born and i got a call from a man telling me he was my kids grandfathrt he was just born 2 days ago lmao i went to the hospital checked it out for myself it was legit mine

          • Mike Savage

            daaamn yeah i know my dad for 3 years now so i know whatchu mean

          • just another white nigga

            daaaamn homie. you got two babies the same age? that must be crazy. howd the baby mamas take it?

      • kushxchevys

        Can actually go up from 18-20 depending on the state if the lil nigga goes to college lol look at 50

      • Supreme Trunks

        And backpay….

        • Mike Savage

          Birdman better pay that check already damn lol

  • Skeazaleo The Don

    Wayne prolly got about 10 kids out there he doesn’t know about.. How much pussy this nigga been getting over the years? #pussymoneyweed

  • jurassicjrod

    this can be said for every rapper tho im sure
    gotta be more careful with them dicks and what not

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Damn why tf she waited this long tho

  • Johnathan Dough

    “She know I cum on her halter top, cause she know I don’t want no 5 children. I’m not a player I just fuck a lot”

    • kushxchevys

      I slide in…..Safe
      Yeah yeah all dat good shit….

      He always tlkn bout using condoms n shit but my niggas really out here just going raw like usher …

      Its brazy im barely gettin by with 2 babymamas and these niggas can have 10 and it aint no thang lol

  • Astronaut


  • Woahnow

    That means he’s 15 and a half… why would I wait 16 year to tell someone… this hoe gotta be money hungry