Lil Wayne Announces New Project

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  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    I swear niggas love to hate Wayne right now. About as much as I love to hate on Drake. Make no mistakes, whenever Wayne finally does decide to release another solo project….. ALL OF YOU WILL BE LISTENING. You ain’t got to lie to kick it. The Free Weezy Album was fire and I’m not a Tunechi (Auto tuned Wayne) fan, so that’s saying alot. The 2 Chainz & Wayne was OK but I liked the Free Wayne Album & Hibachi For Lunch better

    • KnowNothinBoutNothin

      I’ll listen to it then probably delete it right after

    • Ye’

      I’m waiting

  • ChiCity300

    i hope its called funeral cause he about to die out of hip hop its over big fella

    • Bustadimes

      Because the current mumbling bumbling bullshit hip hop we have now is so enjoyable right. Hip hop needs Wayne

      • ChiCity300

        he is apart of that shit he was the first hip hop artist to mumble and wear jeggins gay shit time for him to die out. ask yourself this did any of his music have a big impact on your life.

        • Johnny Digits

          Obviously it impacted your life

          • ChiCity300

            nigga stfu HOW sway.

        • Bustadimes

          Lollipop got a lot of ladies suckin more dick! So yeah I’d like to commend him for that above all else

          • ChiCity300

            plies did too with becky but that dont put him in top 10

          • Bustadimes

            Doesn’t it though

          • ChiCity300

            yea top ten dick suckin ( pause) songs lol

        • Bustadimes

          I’m grateful that hip hop doesn’t have a big impact on my life. Otherwise it would be full of crime, dirty stripper hoes, drugs and shitty fashion

  • kushxchevys

    Then im at tha hospital if u survive it then im at the funeral just to see ya body