Lil Uzi Vert Speaks On Old Rappers Dying Off

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  • BrodieThaGod

    If that’s what the future of rap is then raps dead. XXXTentacion is some of the worst shit I’ve ever heard

    • Poopmaster

      Nigga be honest only reason you hating is cuz of the drake fiasco we saw on the thread yesterday lol ( I have no idea who xxxtenacion is, first time hearing the nigga name)

      • BrodieThaGod

        Hahaha I wish fam but I actually looked him up and he’s pure garbage lol

        • Poopmaster

          I was going to too but couple of my homies had warned me already lol

    • Lol shoe

      Ugly God water song is one of the worst things I heard.

      Honestly, I never thought I say this, but I’ll take Cash Out and his song Cashing Out, back.

      • BrodieThaGod

        I give ugly God a pass cause he doesn’t do it seriously, but fr shit I thought was trash years ago sound too good. I’d love for another album like Finally Rich at this point.

  • CDot

    He’s trash and most of the rappers he shouted out are trash!

    • T guest

      Right even my lil cousins think he’s garbage n they in middle school. Their whole school listen to Bibby n Gherbo

  • Poopmaster

    Hahahahaha yea ok

  • Thee_One1

    he speaks the truth

  • LatarionMilton

    Thank God for Kendrick, J.Cole, Big Sean, Chance, Drake etc. I don’t rock with non of these new cats except for Kodak, but hes became annoying after his jail visit.

    • Myleage

      They OG’s now. Even Chance.

    • kushxchevys

      I stopped fuckin with kodak after he got out lol str8 up was like wtf

  • Dirt

    Hmm no Yachty shoutout, even after the s/o to Kodie Shane. Uzi really isn’t fucking with Lil Boat


    Being illiterate, disrespectful, and unoriginal is the new school? Because that’s all I get.

  • Allen Smith

    I guess 22 is considered being a old head now because I’m not rocking with this new wave of rappers at all no exceptions…. fuckin dummies

  • ike donovan

    He’s right… let em have their shine niggas act like the 90s and early 20’s were AMAZING musically. these yung boys are making ORIGINAL music and taking it somewhere different. It amazes me that the golden age too tk golden period of black american music and in the world for that matter late 50s to like 83 basic 4 bar looped and then look at thes yung boys llke why isnt your music GREAT.. this is what sampling did. Thats not to detract from them. They use different textures synths. The best 90s band hip hop produced were the roots and although they are made up of great musician, it is arguable as to whether or no there music was great. i thought it was preety mediocre jam band style. i dont giv a fuck how good black thought rapped the music was average

    • you can troll better than this man

      • ike donovan

        im so serious. Most 90’s albums I can barely listen to. Musically most of them were mediocre. To dismiss me as a troll is just choosing not to recognize that shit.

        • Matt Leon

          That just means your taste in music is questionable. 90’s music was better lyrically, musically, productively, and everything in between.

        • nah…you just have what I like to call a troll bait type of opinion. 10 years of music is mediocre? that’s weak bait man. which is why I said you can troll harder than that

          • ike donovan

            bruh can you get off the millennial message board speak.Have you forgotten that there are real expressions/emotions that exist outside of the internet or message boards? its just a dismissal to avoid the point. MUSICALLY they just sample records. they were not making music and again i will say that they be quiet when criticizing the musicality of the new artists. at least they are making original music. our taste is subjective but whats real is not. Name me 5 great albums of that era that encompassed original music that were not direct samples or interpolations of an original old schooll song. your avoidance of speaking on the MUSIC.. not rhymes by your definition of trolling is trolling

          • you are sitting here saying an entire decade of music is mediocre primarily because the producers sampled, and you are acting like that subjective opinion is a fact. it’s like when a rock band says rap isn’t real music at all because no one plays live instruments. it’s easy to dismiss these kind of statements.

            it’s just a statement to garner a reaction, because no person who really listens to any genre of music will say an entire decade of music was mediocre. so I can, I did, and I will dismiss this as troll bait. peace.

          • ike donovan

            Well as a person who has played music my whole life from Symphonic to jazz and can run many sequencers and samplers myself. Its trolling as your millennial vocabulary would suggest. The rock band analogy is corny. As doug winbush who played bass on white lines said some years ago, the sampler has helped to stifle black music. Thats why you have the watered down sound of now. Be it watered down it is for the most part original. Youre corny and could not name any albums just used millennial message board terms such as troll. it was an honest opinion. Lyrically amazing musically mediocre and only saved by the fucking AMZING music that was used. youre such a head but could name no albums that were all original/no interpolations. perhaps you dont know what that is

          • the rock band analogy fits perfect here. you are that exact type of person and yes you are trolling. you’re talking about symphonic jazz on a hip hop site, what next — mozart on a death metal site?

            why on earth would I even bother trying to name albums that don’t sample. sampling is hip hop. if you don’t get that, you are probably better suited for symphonic jazz early. this may not be the place for you an hip hop is probably not the music for you

          • ike donovan

            Sampling is not hip hop. hip hop is music… now your on the fake elitism. The nothing more than a classification created by jews to sell albums. It was also due to a laclk of resources. I didnt just come to this music i grew up on it and have all the albums of that era since the day they came out. corny ass analogy.. you know of true musicality.. just samples. Just wait very soon musicality will come back to this shit. Its already bubbling. You sample purist will not be able to sustain the music and are the reason it is dying because none of you can make a fucking original tune. Young boys are though and all you hos do is talk shit. Again niggas in the 90’s took the music so the have no right to act as though they were great and down the younger generation. That was the original point . Not that sampling is hip hop. There are great albums and then the majority lets get on and get a quick buck that was rampant at that time. Use your millenial ass message board terms. Youre a fan and not a lover of music

          • hip hop is a culture, of which the music is just one element of the culture. stick to your jazz symphonies homie.

            so the samples they use don’t come from music, in which they create new music with said samples? bruh hip hop was literally birthed using sampling machines and crate digging lol. hip hop is sampling.

            so now older producers are trashing newer producers? let me guess, dj premier said zaytoven is trash? dr.dre said metro boomin is wack? ike you sound silly man. just stick to your jazz symphonies. but this has gotten boring to me now. you can have the last word. peace.

          • ike donovan

            All this culture bullshit. Its music…youre a clown and its not about what producers say its what clowns like you and others say daily in discrediting these artists. they did not make new music. they added somes ticks and kick drums. You gave me two examples of some producers who gave accolades when most did not. As if the current dialogue is not discrediting these people you are surely a clown and have done nothing but twisted words and blow smoke

          • lol

  • Errybody KiLLa

    I listen to 90s hip-hop and dead rappers before even consider listening to any of these new rappers he shouted out

  • lil uzi already said he wasn’t a rapper a long time ago.

    wit that being said

    he needs to shut up talking about the state of rap and talk about the state of rock music, since he’s a “rock star” and all.

  • Daniel King

    Only new rappers i bumb is cole and kendrick i love my old skool hip hop and the uzi is fucking trash him drake young thug i don’t rate none of dem