Lil Uzi Vert Reveals How Much Notorious Ripped Blouse/Shirt Cost Him

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  • locodon

    So he paid a grip to look like a weirdo fag. That makes it worse. You would think that looking that strange, weird and gay should be cost FREE.

    • Supreme Trunks

      bruh trying be a mix of Lil Wayne and Prince lol

      • locodon

        Well, he missed. lol

        • Hogg In The Game

          YES LAWD!!!

      • t-stupid

        Lol haha datz cole

    • Lol these fools pants so tight they need purses cuz nuttin fits in their pockets

    • t-stupid

      Dat boy look like he just woke up grabbed his lil sista shirt by mistake ain’t no excuse fa dat spike necklace tho lol i fucks wit dis stupid dressing ass nigga tho

      • locodon

        I feel you. I can fuck with his music but this shock value by any means for likes, up votes, attention, sell records, what ever other reason i just can’t fuck wit, from any artist or celebrity.

  • Dvillain.

    The fact uzi look like a crackhead after a relapse don’t help at all

  • 2400$ can justify being gay lol people slaves to money and a do anything for it or to be in it

    • jurassicjrod

      people can be gay for free u idiot
      u think he did this for the money?
      he did this cause this is who he is
      this that new generation sheit

    • the go to argument for everything is “he got that bag tho” lol ppl act like money make everything cool lol

      • Supreme Trunks

        Bruh I always say, you don’t need to drop stacks on merchandise for the name. Real style is about how you put together a look… not the name tag. These namebrands will sell anything with their name on it. I remember when Supreme was selling bricks ( regular bricks) witht the word supreme on it for like $500.

        • damn real man…you can’t pay for style man. I remember them supreme bricks too…shit man remember how crazy ppl were going a few months back for the supreme subway cards? I’m convinced them niggas could put out anything with name supreme on it, charge a grip, and ppl would buy it smh

          • Supreme Trunks

            Exactly. Stans/Hypebeast at its finest.

      • Exactly shit so wack out here no morals or values long as u got money

  • jurassicjrod

    u pay $2400 for something ripped already? yousa dumb nigga
    on the other hand, he does look Fab-olous….this guy is prob one of the dumbest niggas alive next to Travis Scott and u know he still gettin mad pussy drugs & money in that fucktop

    • SlimJuve25

      what i miss what did travis scott do?

      • Young Flacko

        right?? Tryna figure out what travis got to do wit this.

  • Allen Smith

    Dude is just a ugly ass nigga to began with

    • stephen washington

      When did judging other “dudes” looks become cool? Must be the new generation type of chumps like this faggot dude rapper as real men don’t give a sheeit how other men look.

      • Rome

        Nigga still ugly af like a sloppy mouth ass bull dog

      • Allen Smith

        I was waiting on this comment …. Niggas ugly fam it’s easy to see, I know u say it all the time ” ugly ass nigga”

      • Allen Smith

        Nigga is ugly cuz…. idgaf what he looks like but it’s easy to see that the nigga is ugly, and some people look better than others, that’s just real

        • stephen washington

          The reality is that if you judging how other men look, you on some gay ass shit just like this dude. Actual men don’t ever go around critiquing how other guys “look” as I would imagine that you also comment on guys you find “attractive” too. That is the definition of gay, although there is nothing wrong with being gay, but there is something wrong with being a faggot who acts straight but is secretly gay. Judging dudes’ looks and faces is as gay as it gets.

          • Allen Smith

            The nigga is ugly

          • Allen Smith

            Bro shut yo ugly ass up

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Machine Gun looks better in that shirt. Either way, I don’t fucks with it.

  • I could pay 5000 for a shirt with dog shit smeared on it. doesn’t mean it still doesn’t stink.

  • T guest

    He just salty cause you can that same shirt at Rainbows for $12.99

  • Lord_Farquad

    IMO, it only looks better on MGK ‘cuz it’s not exposing his shoulders. That’s what got him lookin’ like a molested teenager clutching that…purse? Smh He looks like somebody found him stumbling out the woods alone & confused after a 12-day search. (-_-”)

    • NYCityKid

      it looks better on MGK? What?

    • The Incredible

      Nigga what?

    • Lord_Farquad

      Lmao Word improperly, I’ll concede that. I should’ve put, “It looks like it FITS better on MGK”.

  • ChiTownT

    Yo I ain’t ever really paid attention but this lil uzi nigga ugly as fuck. He giving Kodak a run for his $


    New generation mentality: Buy Maison Margiella black tees for $800 dollars, $2400 busted long sleeves from lord knows where, $250,000 for Marilyn Manson chain. Investments in black businesses and communities: $0. If any, it has yet to make the news. Buying your boy a car isn’t what I mean either. Tired of these fucking losers being the face of the media.

    • Supreme Trunks

      I feel you man but you also know the backside to it. If I’m black and I make something, my community expects me to make it cheap and accessible. While that is great for the community and our people, it also cheapens the brand so you’ll never be regarded as one of the leaders in the game. Like think of cheap clothes that is put in the same stratosphere as the big name brands or a cheap fast food with food as good as a bougie restaurant.


        I say that too, you’re right. People expect a hand out which is a setback on our own behalf. We have $1 trillion in spending power man, something’s gotta give.

  • You mad huh?

    man its like a race to see what new rapper can be weirder than the next

  • locodon

    Werd, the nigga went for the full fag package.

  • Cavalier Thompson

    Vert look like he just sucked a dick in tha alley for crack….probably y that faggot ass nigga got that choker on he neck like he that dude pet, arm all up on his shoulder n shit…. smfh

  • duh

    But you got a purse though to go with it

  • stoner_bro575

    Looks like Uzi borrowed that shirt from Freddy Krueger gay brother Fairy Krueger

  • d1gord

    50 gotta leave mgk alone. Shirt still gay as fuck tho

  • Mike

    This fuck boi is not from philly no way in hell

  • Conner

    ill rob uzi if i see him i hate that faggot

  • I shit on your comment

    I wouldnt be braggin about spending so much for what looks like a 5$ sweater smh

  • t-stupid

    Dat nigga 50 know his ass tried dat shirt on

  • dhusu

    sometimes money dont mean shit , this is one of those times

  • Craig

    Lol FYM man I can’t take this shit. Nigga look like an ugly ass lil girl holding that fucking purse.

  • perfect

    They both look gay af….