Lil Durk Declares Future The ‘Modern Day 2Pac’

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  • Leekluv216

    How knee grow?! All Future talk about is how he’s killing himself slowly by doing a ridiculous amount of drugs. Lol very disrespectful to Pac.

  • dhusu

    No. Next story..

  • Joseph Mokwena

    Future is good but his no modern day 2pac

  • Food4Thought

    And Trump is the modern day Einstein..Go home Durk you’re drunk

  • Daniel King

    Most stupid thing I have heard mumble jumble trash he not on the great legend pac level this fool durk don’t have a clue future will never be on pac level

  • Mr postman

    Lmao hes either high as fuck bumping future, or just looking for attention since he lost his buzz

  • Astronaut

    I agree wit Durk. Astronaut

  • The Incredible

    I think in the South and in the specific genre of trap he has a point. Dudes def on icon status.

    • Matt Leon

      Future is iconic but in being our decade’s version of Tupac, I strongly disagree. Tupac was a lyricist and his lyrics together made some sense. I have Future’s Hndrxx album and listened to it, I’ve heard Future feature in a bunch of songs and listened to his lyrics in all of them and Future can make the dopest music but if you really listen to the lyrics, the song is then ruined for you cause it’s all random stuff.

      • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

        pac wasnt just lyrical, be was stirring a revolution..

        • Matt Leon

          Thats what i know but when you use stuff like that in an argument, there’s always someone who will purposely argue like “people make Pac out to be like a god but he was just a gangsta rapper like meek mill and snoop.” And yes I have seen people comment shit like that. I just used the bare minimum that nobody could deny.

      • The Incredible

        I swear there would be times I would listen to him an and think to myself that grammatically, he didn’t make any sense. I thought I was the only that peeped that.

        • Matt Leon

          Lol nope. I caught on too. The guy can make good music and make the shit sound good but his lyrics be the most random stuff that make no sense lol.

    • T guest

      Nah pac is not even close to trap n he was way more famous then future

  • CO Killer

    Don’t ever disrespect Future like that

  • DonCDaCapo

    What the hell durk been smokin

  • I fuck wit future tough…but nah.

    also, stop tryna make everybody the next or the new pac. he frfr a once in a lifetime type artist.

    • Supreme Trunks

      Right. The family should get a check every time his name is mentioned on some shit like this.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Yeah fuckin right smh. Pac was prophetic, he made songs about real life struggles, love, and he definitely was poetic…

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      -never listen to future

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        That’s exactly why you don’t know me. making ASSumptions you know nothin about.


    Noooo Future is a modern day drug abusing dope fiend.

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      s hes like a modern day ODB or DMX?

  • Ryan M. Murphy

    Future’s more like a modern day B.I.G.; born on the east coast, maintains a Tony Montana, drug lord-type personality, has a silky-smooth R & B side, and spends a great deal of time ruminating on his own death. Only difference is he’s not fat, really.

    • T guest




  • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

    boosie the closest thing ever to pac.. and he aint close

  • YoungPrime

    Well it did rhyme with “fcuk this thread” though.

  • Yea he is nupac

  • King Milli

    Y’all for life fucked that nigga off that crack ain’t nobody ever gonna be another tupac amaru shakur he’s the realest let’s that y’all mfers so slow dont pay attention to shit Pac now goes by Juan amaru In Cuba he never actually died he had an plan to fake his sea because of all the hate he was getting as an celebrity in besides niggaz already saw his legit passport

  • UnderratedTruth

    This nigga just fucked up his career. Cats talking all this new Tupac shit they can’t possibly understand what Pac was about, I fucks wit Future a lil bit but he ain’t nowhere near Pac’s likeness and we probably wont never see nobody like that again!

  • t-stupid

    Everybody talk about 2pac being da best eva but not tru well nt ta me @ least fuc ima 90’s baby ya heard me & my 2pac waz Soulja Slim dat boy soulja one of da realest original cutthroat 100% real nigga period he on dat level wit 2pac all day if u dnt know of Soulja Slim shame on yall but check him out u wont skip one song on any album i promise ya R.I.P. Soulja Slim New Orleans finest