Lil Bibby Takes No Snitching To The Extreme

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    G-code alive and well, salute.

    • T guest

      G code or not this is why our neighborhood’s are the most fkd up ones compared to everyone else’s.. That’s the main reason why when mfs get money they leave the hood n never look back…

      . Most of the people that’s telling not to snitch have money n moved out the hood so they don’t have to deal with us


        The main reason that the ghetto is in the state it’s in is because when black people get money, they leave instead of trying to build the community up. Chinese, Greek, Jewish, they revitalize old communities and make them their own. Black people don’t, they coon their way into caucasoid neighborhoods instead of putting in the work needed to rebuild the ghetto.

        • T guest

          But they leave their neighborhood when they get alot of money is not because of coonery but because they’ll get targeted mainly by jack boys. It’s too much negative going on to want to stay there when you have the money to leave.. We had stop the violence n put down the guns movements plus older heads that tried to rejuvenate the hood but how when nobody is trying to progress. Nobody really trying to make that move until they lose a few close people, if that even works.. That’s what I’m going through now, I don’t want my son’s dodging bullets growing up.

          I feel what you saying though

  • Mike


  • Shaquill

    So if he ur neighbor was molesting ur child then what lil bibby is a fkin idiot im snitchin on a nigga thats hurtin kids idgaf

    • SubconsciousMIND

      I think he also mentioned he would take matters into his own hands for a situation like that. But he didn’t go too deep into what he would do cuz by that means he would be snitching on himself as well. Crime before the Crime lol


      street justice >>>> a couple years of house arrest and getting on the sex offender list

    • horse

      I’m snitch and whoop his ass might not snitch might just kill em

  • the straight up truth

    10 years later this is almost exactly like the Cam’ron 60 minutes lol. The police are here for a reason. I would never snitch on my niggas but if I see a grown ass man courting lil kids I think it may time to hit those 3 digits

    • Anthony Mitchell

      ironically bibby sample killa season snippets and paid in full snippets in his free crack mixtapes

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      Or manup and confront the perv?? Cowards handle their problems with a telephone

      • the straight up truth

        First off your name looks like u were overdosing and smashed ur head into the keyboard and decided why not I guess I’ll keep it. And your decision to come up with a username that is illiterate shows how fundamentally stupid you are. I decline my right to respond to your idiotic comment

        • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

          The username is the one disqus gave me idiot

    • seandonjuan24

      So true. Just lost some respeck for bibby. Hes one of the few youngins i fuck with music wise and i know this is entertainment but that was a horrible statement to make.

  • Steven MacTre Keys


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  • Astronaut

    I hope this nigga joking.