Lil B Labels Rappers Who Talk To DJ Vlad ‘Marks’ & Young Thug Cosigns

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  • melanie.parton

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  • Worldwide Intentionz

    First Orlando Brown calls out DJ Vlad now it’s Lil B. Whelp Vlad you sir cannot be trusted.

  • UnderratedTruth

    I don’t fuck with these cats but they definitely spitting the truth on that!

  • YoungPrime

    So a rapper with a flopped album titled “I’m gay” is being co-signed by another rapper who cross dresses. And they specialize on what other rappers should be doing with their spare time…..?

    • Johnny Digits

      Nigga stfu I fucked your baby moms bitch

      • G.O.A.T

        I fucked your baby moms bitchs bitch!!!

  • I will agree on that VLAD got a big mouth…Hmm, Legend? Any cat calls young thug a “legend” you might need to jump off that bay bridge lol

  • G.O.A.T

    NO, I’M THE FUCKIN G.O.A.T!!!!

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Vlad is the Hip Hop Police “Officer of the Decade”

  • Spookeysmoker

    Niggas call people rats but yet have all the niggatree going on on their social media pages