Lil B Blasts Post Malone With Racially Charged Tweets

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  • Astronaut

    Lil B popped a Xan for the first time.

    • MartyMcFly

      Was gonna say this dudes rollin tough/on somethin or someone jacked his social media

    • Melo

      I’m telling you! Man, almost every time these celebs be on these OD rants, they be on one. The other times are because they’re off their legit meds.

  • BeenASavage

    Lil b sound like he a homo thug

    • Mike Savage

      Lil B ootywarrior

  • Ishan Pillai

    he sound bored

  • SlimJuve25

    “give it a few years he gon be full country and hate blacks lol – Lil B” only one i agree with, post already got a mullet an cowboy belt buckle

    • Krystopher Sanborn

      so what ? and young jock has a perm what are you saying ? lil b been wack and will stay wack while post is making platinum hits . but side note there both corny as fuck j cole kendrick big sean and lil wayne are the only real hip hop lyricist right now everything else is just catchy on a dope beat

      • SlimJuve25

        didn’t say anything was wrong with the mullet an cowboy belt buckle, just stated the fact he already dresses like a country singer when he’s not in a music video, i think it’s the reason people come at him sideways for being a culture vulture, i didn’t say he’s bad just dont know enough to say he’s good, talking really slow but not singing on a hip hop beat falls under r&b imo an i dont listen to r&b like that to say he’s good

    • Mike Savage

      He’s hating one now for sure can u give this guy a break? damn post malone is a real good artist. So what he gonna make country aswell it only defines him as a multigenre artist wich is great.

  • charlotte observer

    woahhh this nigga lil be played himself. why is post in booty shorts something you would have in your mind??

    • ChiCity300

      Why was he in booty shorts period nigga the fuck

  • jurassicjrod

    lil B is always right that’s the funny thing about him :p

  • ChiCity300

    All facts told y’all French toast malone is trash.

  • ChiCity300

    It’s facts not hate. This dude say he not hip hop but make a hip hop song then walk around like kid rock gay ass

  • Stanisbarathian

    Ughck both suck as rappers an lil b is top 5 worst of all time !! Foh this shit corney weak an just sad ..niggas is trash dissin trash least post had a catchy single but still gabish ..but lil b worse and is only famous cuz of that horrible verse on lilwaynes mixtape an gay antics..

  • frankwhitedc

    Bruh , what the fuck is going on today ? Shit seem outta wack

  • Cuban Pete

    People listen to Post Malone. Hes just on his Miley shit. Be back to country soon like B said

  • Lord Griffith of Falconia

    The point being was that fuckers are using “blackness” as a costume to get hot and vulturing and what have you, then going back white and not even really fucking with people/culture they leaching off of…your mileys, iggys, taylor swifts, post malones, etc you know what I mean…

  • perfect

    Post Malone look homeless af