Lil B Gives An Update On Frank Ocean

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  • Johnny Digits


  • ilikemusic.

    Please Frank…..Please.

    • Grey

      I hear people asking from music from this dude but is his music even that good?

      • BrodieThaGod

        His songs Swim Good and Novacane got heavy rotation from me when they first dropped, haven’t listened to anything else tho

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Swim Good was out him and all his butt buddies. Seriously, this nigga album came out years ago. You’re not Dr. Dre and besides your spot has been taken by meterosexual niggas… Like The Weeknd and Roy Woods to name a couple

          • Pz. Of

            That nigga Roy Wood$ nice as fuck.

      • ilikemusic.

        He’s bisexual some of his songs are about women some are about men. Hes got a ton of songs and some amazing features. His voice and piano playing are rare skills these days among hip hop artists. I respect dude for the music I dont care what its about

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Fuck that gay ass nigga, Thinking Bout You was my shit til I found out he wrote it for man. Scarred for life

  • BOny Soprano

    His only chance is to drop out the blue. I cant be mad at a nigga for living life. Especially after the year he had. But when you come back Frank, you just gotta know… niggas aint checkin for you like that. & now you gotta earn that back..

  • VBucci

    Im not into the genre but this kid music is a hundred times better than the actual roaster