Lil B Breaks Down Which NBA Players Are Still Cursed By The Based God

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  • guwopt

    This fruity pebble ass nigga is gay asf

  • Mega

    the fuck is he wearing

  • ubetta bleevitt

    Wait a minute…is that my GRANDMA’S BLOUSE & HANGING EARRINGS??!! 0_o wtf??? Is this the “NEW” Fruit Basket Generation Of Rap???

  • Derrick

    LOL this guy is smart!! he keeps people talking about him. I have to respect his hustle because i dont have room in my life for hate. Just because you i or you cant relate to what he says or does doesn’t mean we should hate on him. If your hating on him then whats wrong with you? For real why are you so unhappy? I might be able to help…. hit my email at and we i will give you a free 15 min session over skype that will help you have a more positive outlook on life. Why not its its only 15 min? No charge and no credit card needed just you and me talking positivity Lets GO!!!!

  • Antonio Corleone

    Nigga Trying To Look Like A “Louisiana Voodoo Woman” Shit…Ahaha..Bay Area, Y’all Better Get This Nigga, Mane…He Out There Too Far…Haha