Lex Luger Says Future’s Not Making Money Off Of His Albums

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  • leave the opiates alone kids

    • HotlineQueef

      alright mom

  • Russian

    Shame, he made such a great beats. One of my favourite producers and yeah – he made Southside.

    • alexis

      Zaytoven made both of them though

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast

        People from the South knows Zay is the true beat king of the South. Fuck what all these niggly bears talking about… Lex Luther seems to dismiss the fact that most people listen to a song, sometimes forever, without knowing who made the beat. Only deep rap fans cares about who made the beat, but all fans care about what’s said on the track. Kind of confusing but long story short….Lex needs to simmer down

  • AC____Slater

    lmao. Juicy J and Three Six Mafia had BEEN on the map before this nigga was even heard of. He just made beats for the nigga when he started rappin mainstream AGAIN.
    Those Luger produced Juicy J Mixtapes dont got shit on the “Ridin Spinners”….”Sippin on Some Sizzurp”….”Tear Da Club Up”….”Who Run It” Three Six Mafia days. Nobody but some young niggas would buy that shit he talkin involving Juicy J. Dont know or care about the Future shit though.

  • elbowgrease

    ‘Future doesn’t get rich off albums’ – I think anyone that follows hiphop or music knows this? How many rappers etc come out themselves and say they don’t make shit off albums – they make all their money on tour.

    If future ain’t making bread then theres gotta be a lot of niggas under him in the hiphop world that are bankrupt as fuckkkkk

    • SlimJuve25

      don’t let lex fool you, there is a reason rocko sued future over albums left on the deal only thing is it take time for it to add up if that makes any sense to you, i don’t think lex looked into to reason why future dropped them a week apart, yes this fucked up the amount of money each one could have made but future did this on purpose to screw rocko out of money

      • elbowgrease

        Yeah yeah I saw the shit with rocko. To be fair the streaming services do seem to have started paying up as well so I suppose there is another market for artists there

    • Errybody KiLLa

      Independent artists got the bags..
      Mainstream artists got a bigger platform bcz there signed to major labels..and there opened to other business ventures..i feel what your saying, but there’s alooootttt of money in hip-hop, the rappers just ain’t getting it like they used to for albums

    • black_mamba_fam

      Lex Lugers right…major label Rappers/artists dont make any money off album sales unless they release it on their own label/independently.

      They make all there money off touring and appearances.

      • Frank White

        ha u literally just repeated what he said

  • Lex Luger?? The total package? He looks different than what I remember.

    • SlimJuve25

      yeah lex look bummy af with the creased 1’s hating n shit bad look for him

  • SlimJuve25

    damn lex girlfriend done talked him into thinking he superman, same shit happen with waka, hating on everyone cause their product is selling more than yours is the wrong way to go, lex said pretty much he made waka, ace hood, the new juicy j an southside okay kool, but why would anyone do business with lex when he will turn around an say he made you or wouldn’t be anything without him

  • Errybody KiLLa

    I fux with lex beats, but this nigga being real goofy right now smh