LeBron James Doubles Down On Calling Donald Trump A Bum [VIDEO]

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  • Toraji_ro

    Now this was a funny article

  • Melo

    He’s being nice. Calling him a bum is an understatement!

  • John Blaze

    LBJ don’t give two fucks anymore it seems. This nikka mo fiyah mo fiyah…buck buck buck…right at Trump. Twice. Why don’t any other icons show a display of their social powers? Makes ya wonder…

    • SlimJuve25

      not really it’s about money, they don’t give 2 fucks about the average joe it’s all about them

      • John Blaze

        Ya reply don’t make any sense. What’s about money? How’s him calling Trump a bum about money? If you’re gonna reply directly to me, at least have something sensible bruh.

  • Trump like that bitch ass boss who says “No, youre fired!!!!”after you tell him u quit…