Lebron Apologizes To Tristan Thompson After Sideline Screaming Match

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  • Da Truth

    Crazy to me how of all the greats to ever play, this is the only guy that when he loses its everyone s fault but his, yet when he wins he gets all the credit he’s the greatest.

    • Wolfe #EggSquad

      you gotta be young. never watched post games of jordan live, or somethin. they wouldn’t even mention mike if the bulls lost, at all. the times they did, it was “michael did his job”. I get the lebron hate, but you gotta talk right

      • Da Truth

        You can’t use Jordan because Jordan went to 6 finals and won 6 rings

        • Cultured

          Yea but rings a aren’t the only thing that you great. Bill Russell 11 and they don’t call him the greatest. Horry got 7 lol, the greatest is defined by Impact of team when your on the floor and off. Jordan is my all time favorite player, but that doesn’t mean I think other people are great. Lebron has had the biggest Impact on any teams he played for I ever seen. Regardless of winning them all he’s been to the last 6 finals on 2 different teams and 7 total. That’s amazing and no one else has done it. I feel like people hate on Lebron like they hate on Drake. The fact is the only reason we hear about it a lot today is social media. The same shit would have happened back then if they had social media or as much of the media we have today where everyone has a camera and an opinion lol

      • Da Truth

        I m a Kobe fan and when we lost to Boston the year Pau was toilet tissue soft and Bynum was hurt all was said was Kobe can’t do it without Shaq he never got a pass for his teams shortcomings and that year cost him his 6

  • imaginationsequation

    Has anyone ever punched Lebron in the mouth, David Stern really got dude thinking he superman lol

  • Food4Thought

    Why is everybody tripping over this? This shit happens all the time with teammates

  • Je’sus

    You gave a stray dog 80 mil

  • Whill

    Lebron why are you still safe guarding Paul after blowing by the pick??? How in the hell is Tristan suppose to guard George, if you didn’t make the switch, but he was in wrong? Lol to this nigga.

    • Bruhfromclayco

      Exactly. Lebron is my nigga but ive noticed he does this alot. Whenever the man he’s guarding scores, lebron has a tendency to blame it on his teammates. Nigga, sometimes u will lose a matchup. U cant always blame that on your post guys

  • Astronaut

    Fuck going on with my Clippers tho man damn. No shot at a ring this decade.

  • kinglobey

    TT shoulda popped out on that one anyway

  • Melo

    Hiphop news?