Learn More About The Mercedes Pullman Drake Wants You To Google

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  • prestoncars

    I read about this car, way before drake even thought about buying it. Talking about “you niggas never heard of it”. Like really??…lol!!!

    • Iago

      you’re 1 nigga…a majority of niggas have no clue

      • Cody Preston


  • Lyfestyle

    A jewish boy promoting a nazi sleigh. Its a new day

    • ChiTownT

      Damn Bruh that was clever

      • markdaShark7

        Not if you heard it on an episode of “Entourage”

        • Married to jane

          Inhale* I smell a hater

        • Lyfestyle

          Honestly never watched that show but mercedes engines hauled a lot of Jews to there death and thats very real. My comment shouldve inspired a more thoughtful reply. It wasnt about the rhymes drake does or does not write.

          • Dat Real Nigga Gus

            nigga it’s just a car stfu

          • Lyfestyle

            Your a true clown don’t read lame o. Read your own comment and find peace within yourself kid.

          • Lyfestyle

            oh ok i forgot the drake cake shot at the end of my comment i see why u callin me names its cool.

    • Jae Calderon

      That old nas lyric came in handy

      • Lyfestyle

        Now that is facts 80’s baby

    • Derander Wandscratchte

      Dude you are wrong! The name Pullman comes from the “Pullman Palace Car Company” which was founded in US. German Pullman´s are produced since 1963.

  • quakan

    Looks like a rich person’s funeral limo.

  • ChiTownT

    Even if I had that bag I wouldn’t buy that shit. Might rent one on special occasions Limo game still dead. But hey that’s just my thousandaire ass opinion

    • Keith Shaun

      nah i with you homie.. thats a car that is ideally chauffeur driven anyways.. i pesonally like to “drive” my whips.. so this cant be on the roster lol

      • ChiTownT


  • Omar

    They would Google it lol.

    • mondillinger

      Shiiid… I did lmao

  • Jack Gilmore

    Thats bitch clean

    • Frank White

      that bitch is indeed clean..

  • Cameron Prescott

    Whoa a 523-hp 6.0-liter twin-turbo and a V-12?!? thats crazy!

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!

    Dummy Drake YOU could had this kind of vehicle custom made. Why pay 7figures for this when You could get this custom built for YOU Drake. ┐(´д‘)┌

    • Lol idiot you know how much it would cost to get one custom built? Well over a million especially wit all the crazy features these cars come wit

      • ChampagnePapiDevine!

        Don’t call me an Idiot…╰_╯ and no I did not know that.

        • goodz

          To b honest u might not b an idiot but u are a dick rider a grown ass man writing comments with drake face. I guess thats your boo

  • I thought he said Mercedes Puma. Google that. I felt good about myself and then I heard it was Pullman.