LaVar Ball Responds To All The Z02 Hate; Gets Accused Of Shoe Plagiarism

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  • Da Truth

    Wale speaks truth this time

    • Bill Jansen

      Male thinks he is God and is trash

  • BigHomie

    Those logos dont look shit alike…

    • Frank White

      u might not be looking at it right if u dont see the similarites

      • Bill Jansen

        Or yall reaching ..i mean stop it I know the sneaker is garbage but don’t fuck it destroy everything for no reason that she does not look like from the picture they show slightly with that Circle bullshit but his ways isn’t biteable

    • Astronaut

      Their 74% alike

  • The Incredible

    This cat has got to have been given millions of dollars worth of free advertising. I admit I clowned the shoe too, but that’s actually a smart move.

    • Astronaut

      True that

  • ChiCity300

    no different then gucci and prada all the same bs.

    • DonCDaCapo

      Ay thats high end designer shit doe his a basketball sneaker nd he ain’t even make it in the league yet

      • ChiCity300

        same bs tho made by the same material

        • DonCDaCapo

          I doubt it they prolly use some bullshit materials but I get where u comin from doe

  • CO Killer

    Logos look nothing alike

  • Ted Bowie

    who gives a fuck seriously why care. y’all pawns in his game. Wake up