LaVar Ball Comments On Lonzo Ball Switching Shoes From Big Baller

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  • Kasun Madusanka

    He’s right tho.

  • Matt Leon

    I’ll admit I was one of the many that clowned this nigga for being stubborn about these damn shoes but he is actually succeeding a little bit.I still won’t buy them damn things but Lavar is smart. He real smart

    • Astronaut

      Excelled in sociology class i bet.

      • Matt Leon

        Lol I’d bet that too.

  • SlimJuve25

    what lavar was doing was never a gamble, it was always a pretty good scheme with hype in all, he got lucky his shoes wasn’t made for playing ball in, the game lonzo sat out was because his own shoe was fucking up his feet he had no choice but to switch, worked in his favor but he got lucky with it, help with the shoe deal overall but not the current shoe sales, i guess setting the price so high it wasn’t about the shoe more about people looking at the shoe he wears pretty good scheme

  • fonzo517

    im guessing since theyre the first shoes they put out that they might not perform the best on the court. im glad theyre not pushing it too hard if its fuckin dudes feet up. all in all though they still have done something not many other athletes have ever done. salute, crappy shoes or not.

  • frankwhitedc

    Lavars gambit? That nigga got one of the X-Men? Smh that nigga winning

  • Mike Donovan


  • Vulqn

    I don’t care how many points Lonzo gets. I’m never wearing a shoe by the name of “Big Baller Brand”. That’s the corniest shit I’ve ever heard.

  • HotlineQueef

    this ass hole is lighter skinned than drake in 2009. how the fuck is that even possible