LaVar Ball Comments On How Many Z02s They’ve Sold [VIDEO]

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  • T guest

    For some reason I feel like.. the only people that bought his shoes is the old school uncle’s that wear open toe sandals and be on the grill during cookouts n think they still got it when it comes to everything

  • Food4Thought

    Only niggas who bought these are the ones who attempt to be trendy or pretend to be ahead of the curve

  • Mec-One

    He’s trying to justify the price but, gave no actual legit argument for what the shoe price point means

    • Youngmystery1

      I think he did especially if you seen the whole interview…at 1st i was like hell nall but now i respect why and what it means to be the 1st ever to do what they’re doing

  • Allen Smith

    Actually like Lonzo, I think he should be the 1st pick he is that good but can’t let the old heads put hands on ya life…. pops had his time and turn it’s over now and I like that they are trying to own their own brand but come’on man $500 stop it, at least make a good looking shoe

  • stoner_bro575

    Those mothafuckers are wack

  • The Incredible

    No need to justify it. We got companies selling jeans with fake mud on them for $400. Do you bruh.

    • ChiTownT

      Nordstrom tripping like a MF

    • ChiCity300

      nobody talking about them though

    • Supreme Trunks

      Believe it or not Bruh but there’s a science behind pricing. They don’t just make it up from an emotional standpoint

  • ChiTownT

    495 pair of the $495 shoes. Wow what a coincidence

    • UnderratedTruth

      For real though right lol, but not to hate I just wanna see some inventory sales sheets basically back up this sales number thats the same price of the shoe, point blank prove it!

  • Spookeysmoker

    Whoever ain’t cop them now don’t cop them if he start balling in the league and if they was 100$ I’d grab a pair but he smart at he know this society lives thru a phone screen and all he gotta do is start a lil controversy get some retweerts= success praying on the seals eyes and minds though the phone I love idiots

    • Mikejones

      lmao what the shoes easily aint worth $495 you guys don’t understand what it requires for a brand to actually have worth, we’ve seen lonzo play college ball not professional ball where everyone who plays actually has some sort of real talent or athleticism on the team there is no way he really is going to be as good as predicted because it is a whole different level of play , give him 2-3 years in the nba and he could be great but i just don’t expect him to really be worth that much or come out in the league playing at a level where people would be like “yeah that was a good investment half a rack on the shoes of someone who didn’t even touch the league”

      • Spookeysmoker

        Um….lol for a brand yo have worth these days you just need people to buy and retweet who popular I bet if a rapper or famous singer had a pair internet idiots would eat it up and lol I got my degree in economics and business I know what it takes and I ain’t use google to learn my way thru college all book work the basics…

        • Mikejones

          exactly what you said you bet if someone who actually had some reputation of being good at what they do on a professional level supported it, not a college basketball player lol

          • Spookeysmoker

            I said if someone famous brought the shoes and really showboated in then

          • Mikejones

            yeah….meaning it would have backing of someone who has some actual pull , the kid did good for UCLA but besides that he has no experience or show of him being anything i mean whose to say he won’t come in first year and suffer a major injury making those shoes worthless lol

    • fruizm

      society lives thru a phone screen….hmm interesting way to put it.

  • LordJiggz

    I bet the people who bought that horrendous shoe, think they made it in life #smh

  • CO Killer

    All Lonzo gotta do is win rookie of the year and Nike is gonna throw a 100Ms at them

  • flex

    Personally don’t like this dude, but I love the ambition and the push he’s making. Some boss moves

    • Youngmystery1

      i respect him…. but I can’t say I dislike him and say I like his push and ambition….kinda sounds retarded…to me that’s like saying i hate U but I like u….

      • flex

        people are complex. you can like certain “parts” about someone and not like other things about them

        • Youngmystery1

          true u right

  • WiseGuys Advice

    Sentimental value ain’t worth nothing to anyone else bruh.

  • Conner

    shoe isnt worth no 500 dollars in material man couple cents mabey a dolla figure cause your name is on their that it should be 6bills

    • Spookeysmoker

      Neither are Jordan’s

    • Youngmystery1

      I dnt they’re worth 500 of my hard earned money…. but i think if his sons bck up the hype 10yrs frm now they are going to much more valuable…. plus they doing what no other athletes have done before…. their making history

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Lavar ball wife can get the D tho js

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Them shits ugly