Kyrie Irving Says He Doesn’t Give AF About Lebron’s Feelings [VIDEO]

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  • Frank White

    hm…He’s kind of a dick….

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Aren’t We All?

  • Johnathan Dough

    Came off as vey cocky imo. As long as Lebron remains in the East, KYLIE Irving isn’t winning a ring ever again.

  • jurassicjrod

    …you would never hear anybody talk like this about a fellow athlete in hockey or probably even football….
    Baseball isn’t a sport i don’t count that shit

    • L boog

      Baseball is a sport! Lol wow can you pitch 90 100mph fast balls? Do you know the strain and stress pitchers put on their rotator cuff, elbows, and arms period? Or what it takes to see a pitch coming like a train. Pff pff move around with that

      • jurassicjrod

        ROFL!! no human arm is even meant to do that…hence the increased # of Tommy Johns injuries over the past two decades…not to mention the fact that each pitchers pitch once a week only, there is 7 games a day (sometimes 2 per day LOL)….there is a 7 day concussion list!!!! LMAO….they only sweat because they play in the summer / hot weather… is surely a sport to play, but not a sport to watch…as entertaining to watch as golf & tennis… is the most retarded waste of 3+ hours and is clearly either too easy or too hard on the body……. (thats’ just part of why it isn’t a sport)

        • Ye’

          You couldn’t do the shit Lol
          I agree it may not be the most entertaining to watch especially if you haven’t played it but damn you sound dumb af

          • jurassicjrod

            i can’t suck my own dick either what is ur point? retarded argument!! XD
            everybody in America plays baseball when they are young, girls and boys

          • Ye’

            If you could that would be impressive, that’s the point damn you stupid.

          • jurassicjrod

            BRO!!! u don’t even get ur own point!!!!! LMAOAOOAOAO…just cause i can’t suck my own dick doesn’t mean i’m missing something or don’t understand what sucking my dick would entail, feel like, do to me, etc….i dont have to play professional baseball to judge it!!! or to know better than baseball fans!! boi…u need to learn how sentence construction works

          • Ye’

            Let me dumb it down for you….
            You can’t suck your own dick because it’s not easy to,
            You can’t play baseball because it’s not easy to,
            If basketball is so much more of a sport why was mj such a shitty baseball player when it’s clearly so easy

          • jurassicjrod

            just because something is easy doesn’t mean everyone can be good at it

          • jurassicjrod

            says the man with Lil Wayne as his pic…i dont care how amazing a rapper you all think Wayne is….the boy is not smart….IE u are not smart for liking him so much

      • hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports

        • Supreme Trunks

          Bruh golf hard af too tho.

  • James-America

    Kyrie handled this the way all GROWN men should. Fuck LeBron. They wasn’t having this discussion when LeBron didn’t give two fucks bout Wade, and its a problem cause Kyrie not giving a fuck bout another nigga career now?

    • jurassicjrod


      • imaginationsequation


      • James-America

        Fuck you he’s your king. I have a president and his name is Donald Trump.

        • jurassicjrod


        • jurassicjrod


        • jurassicjrod


      • Sean

        Lol nigga Bron leaves teams every couple of season anyway, props to Kyrie for doing Lebron dirty like that.

        • Allen Smith

          7 years b4 he left that shity Cleveland team, 4 years later he came back don’t make it sound like it’s something else

        • jurassicjrod

          BRO!!! SPORTSMANSHIP, RESPECT, AND LEADERSHIP….these are three things that whiny bitches never have……bro u stupid have u played sports? not nobody wants a hot shot big shit fuck head who isn’t TEAM first. this man is himself first, and he will never win on his own

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast

        You’re Hilarious

        • jurassicjrod

          i was trolling (i could tell he was a Trump supporting piece of shit)….also basketball is pretty lame nowadays, it is a purely “give me the money” “it’s all about me” …. sportsmanship is what team sports is supposed to be about

  • Jonathan DebonairMusic Baskerv

    ya’ll do remember lebron didn’t tell anyone he wanted out until the decision correct?

  • Shon Larsson

    Kyrie dont owe Lebron shyt – they both won the chip together not one without the other. He aint married to his ass and business is business…just like when bron left the cavs…oh and left Miami.

    • 100squad

      Who ever just watched the clip & didn’t watch the whole thang missed out on a lot.. Real spit

      • yung

        He ripped Max Kellerman lmaooo

        • 100squad

          For real, Max still in his feelings about the situation

  • RaDizzle

    Y is dis a story they aint fixin to spit bars @ eachotha

    • Johnathan Dough

      Slept on comment

  • Mollie Carey

    Kyrie looks more ignorant each time he speaks. He shows no respect to the man who basically ensured he got his 1st ring, Lebron. Kyrie looks like a child, acts like a child, and should be ashamed, what a terrible ambassador for the game. Kyrie is no Kobe and will never be Lebron. And for the comments that LJ said nothing to Wade when he left the Heat, that is incorrect, he told Wade before, and told Wade always (when he came there) that he would be going home at some point. He left on great terms with Wade and showed Wade respect because that is who Lebron is. King James makes Kyrie look, well like a child. Which is what he has shown himself to be. Zero respect.

    • R.Tyler

      WOAH hold on there bitch-tits, Lets not act like Kyrie got carried in the finals. We just gonna forget that Kyrie was dropping 40 point games RIGHT there with lebron? At this point it’s almost a forgone conclusion that Lebron is getting the fk outta CLE after this season anyway. Tell me since when is Lebron kyries fucking daddy? Like the fuck kinda shit is that? Riddle me this shit batman, who took the gaming winning shot? KYRIE lets not act like kyrie wasnt there helping lebron. So what would you think of the scenario where Lebron leaves and kyrie is stuck with all the shit LeGM did to the team. Kyrie is stuck with those bums that lebron wanted. Oh let me guess that would of been ok then right?

  • Killa Cam Newton

    When you leave your gas man for someone closer to your new apartment you let em know cause when the new one run out you might need the old one. Moral: lebron has a lot more years and might even be a owner one day keep em in your backpack

  • jurassicjrod

    violence is the only way to get rid of Trump supporters if u ask me

    • James-America

      Your absolutely right. They are unbearable

  • White Guilt

    Negus tired of winning championships so Lebron can get all the credit while they get none. You don’t have to play with Lebron to win a championship.

  • A Jay

    He’s not the first player to leave Cleveland

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    lebron not his dad fam or owner why he gotta tell that nigga anything?

  • James Savage

    Hopefully Kyrie goes to Boston breaks his neck and never plays again

    • BigDazzyDazz

      Pretty cold man

  • Kakarot

    See I think when people start letting “what others think about them” control how they perceive themselves, they lose control of their reality. Kyrie standing on his own two and anyone who has an issue with that dont mind being taken care of and thought for

  • jurassicjrod

    basketball is the only sport where it is PLAYER first, then team… all these comments, show the true “sportsmanship” of basketball players and fans….
    you guys could learn a thing or two from real athletes in real team sports

  • Whitedude