Kylie Jenner Speaks On Tyga Break Up

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  • Astronaut

    Id hit but i wouldn’t like it.

    • Food4Thought

      You gotta elaborate on that one Astronaut

      • Astronaut

        Dont consider her attractive.

        • Robyns

          Alright I got it; she’s only good for some dick.

      • Manny Bravo

        Lol, I was confused when I read that too.

    • Melo

      It’s her fucking lips. She got those shots. She looks weird as fuck. That made up shit.

      • Johnathan Dough

        Yea she had extra work done to em, they didn’t look THAT bad after her first surgery. Now there just all you can look at when she talks.

  • realtalk

    That comment saying she hopes the person she’s with is obsessed with her proves she’s a Instagram female. How u say u basically don’t like your business all over the internet but you speak with quotes from the internet in your interviews lololol these females are so confused nowadays

  • perfect

    She ugly and wtf is up with those eyebrows. Chicks eyebrows these are just as crazy as the person……

  • Robyns

    The reason you broke up with Tyga is that your young, rich, and want to experience different types of cocks; and your relationship will always be blasted over the media dummy. Lol.

  • Peter Kushing

    These hoes love the weakest rap niggas.

  • Jonnae

    So. . . . . . . . .They’ve been together for how long and then they noticed that she was too young, what type of fuckery? I wonder how they didn’t consider her too young before they started dating.