Kylie Jenner Dons See-Thru Top On Instagram [PHOTOS]

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  • NYCityKid


  • Rome

    Kylie surgeon and makeup artist came through for her. She ain’t naturally bad like her sister but I’d fuck or get some head atleast.

    • Johnathan Dough

      By natural I hope you’re referring to Kendall.

      • Rome

        That’s who I was talking about lmao. She is her sister while all the others ones are half siblings

  • lol @ professional rap girlfriend

  • JohnWiick

    Funny how Idiots always start the “fake or natural” debate like they wouldn’t jump in her if they had the chance. SMH.

    Kylie is one of the finest females out there.

    • Alex Lowery

      all makeup aside you right

      • poppy magooo

        *All surgery aside

        • Alex Lowery

          surgery can stay makeup gotta go and i’ll a nice paper bag for that pretty little face of hers

    • kushxchevys

      They with the funnies lol

  • Astronaut

    1 blue pill and then Kendall, Courtney,Kylie, Kim,Khloe and a half pint of crown, shower then round 2. In that order.