Kylie Jenner Does ‘First Super Nude Shoot’ [NSFW PHOTOS]

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    Yawn…… this type of shit was exciting when i was in 6th grade. She need to drop a sex tape or stay of the internet

    • CDot

      Factual. Tyga gonna need some coins soon so he’ll leak that

    • casarezrich

      Exactly. And you ain’t showing nothing until you showing the pussy.

  • Astronaut

    Real quesrion whether the boobs feel like balloons or rocks

    • Food4Thought

      I’m betting real.They all might be getting ass and lip injections, but having a decent rack seems to be something they all got from their mom

      • Astronaut

        Mmm idk. Possibly.

        • Herbz 4 Breakfast

          Stop it Naut. Those titties faker than a $1,000 bill

      • Melo

        Negative. They’re fake. It’s 2017

    • Manny Bravo

      Astronaut asking the questions the people want to know. Lol, you should work for HHE.

    • Rocks fake boobs really don’t feel real when I felt a pair I was disappointed it’s like when u birch is all back and no ass and u looking for the ass but it all feels the same lol

      • Keith Shaun

        nah, depends on what type of implant used. had an ex with some, felt just like real ones

  • Miss the old Kylie with real body

  • Mec-One

    The transition has been happening slow and steady but, I wonder if moms gave kim the talk that she’s been replaced?

    • Keith Shaun

      i always said Kylie was the next Kim… they not wasting not time either lls

  • Manny Bravo

    Looking for a hip-hop article on a website called HipHopEarly. Instead, I got this. I played myself.

    *Check out my debut album on September 25th. It’s called “We Gon’ Die Anyway!” and will be available on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.*

  • Juiceman318

    Her whole body fake

  • Killa Cam Newton

    To all the comment section out here in Texas with me yall be safe when this Hurricane hit

  • ItsVERYOrgasmic

    I brought my cereal…gimme the milk

  • Mike

    Sex sells

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    If she really wanna suprise me, she’ll become a nun and donate her money to needy muthafuckas.

  • meh… spread the cheeks

  • Twiz

    Yo you cant tell me her titties aint a 10 outta 10

  • frankwhitedc

    Damn that bitch perfect , to bad she disqualified in the real niggas books cause allll that shit fizake