Kodak Black Is Back On Instagram & Mocking Young Thug’s Sales Numbers

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  • You mad huh?

    Didn’t seem like diss. Simply stating facts. And hip hop is supposed to be competitive.

    • Frank White

      I feel like it’s a disk because it’s unnecessary if it isn’t. If your friend made $15,000 a year would you post the meme on social media about it they say he made a million dollars and you posted it that’s more of in support and praise

  • Mec-One

    None of them can even crack 100k with streaming ……. tracking the 1st weeks numbers not even worth mentioning any more …… smh

    Grind those shows and endorsements while hot. ‘Cause you cats got short life spans in the game

    • NYCityKid

      If there was no streaming then yes they would do better numbers.

      • Mec-One

        I seriously doubt it …… dudes can’t even crack 100 off of free streams ……. you really think people gonna go out and drop $15 on a album with just 2 or possibly 3 okay songs on it?

        Your optimism is commendable …….

        • NYCityKid

          How would ppl kno what the album sounded like if they couldn’t stream it to know there was only 2-3 “okay” songs? First week especially. I don’t think I sound optimistic. I think i sound logical.

      • Matt Leon

        I don’t get some of ya’ll. A good number of people here wanna say that with streaming being involved in more stuff these days, people are making better sales and you don’t even have to be a good artist to sell these days cause streaming makes things like Nicki Minaj beating Aretha’s record so easy to do but tell me though, how does streaming, the very thing that has made Nicki now actually outsell a legend who has been singing waaay longer, cause artists like Kodak, Thug, and Carti to not sell as much as they would have?

        • NYCityKid

          I’m not saying that it cause him to sell less. I’m sayin that without streaming involved as an option. He might have done 70k or more.

        • Ye’

          It all depends some artist benefit from streaming while others don’t

          • Matt Leon

            Idk about that one. I think the streams just make these artists’ sales better than what they would be back before streams were counted, honestly.

  • Da Truth

    This is sort of a generation trend tho…..these guys get paid mostly for shows and appearances therefore that’s where they put there energy at…..the labels getting paid for the album sales therefore it s on them to put out singles and promote album sales

  • Melo

    Wayne and thug about to team up and do a duet diss record on this little nigga.