Kodak Black Facing Serious Time In Strip Club Assault

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  • Astronaut

    The reality is that Black is and always has been a street kid, and he has adopted the persona that he can do whatever he wants. (Money in your pocket dreams become reality). With bra being from the streets he is very impulsive with his actions and struggles on how to keep his composure in certain moment when there’s nothing but street niggas around him.(Turning the other cheek can easily be called getting hoed or pinked). Lil Big PAC shows he mentally understands right and wrong but as we all know when your in the process of maturing the struggle is real. Getting locked up works for some people but to a street nigga it just surrounds you by more street nigs. It’s to grow up Black, life waits for no one. Fuck around and be a Aaron Hernandez (no disrespect)