Kodak Black FaceTimed Future To Have Him Clarify Questionable Lyric

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    This make Kodak seem alot cooler and the fact Future with all his popularity and money facetime with a upcoming rapper

  • Nick Bilodeau

    Thank you kodak we were all wondering

  • ☆Scorpion – Kombat Gang(KG)☆

    Face timing with another man isn’t suspect?

    • Food4Thought

      Not that it’s suspect, something about it just doesn’t seem right though lol

    • just another white nigga

      yall mfs think everything is gay on here lmao. wear certain jeans. gay. facetime. gay. pink car. gay. makes me think some of yall got homosexuality on the mind 24/7.

      ya know whats gay? being attracted to ppl of the same sex. thats it. there are no gay cars or gay apps. if that was the case, then it would work both ways. some fags would be workin on a car or watchin football or somethin n mfs would be like “i think theyre secretly straight!”

  • ThatsJustYouByYourself

    I thought he was saying “I only feel alive when I take one (Still Comin)”. That wouldn’t sound bad. Still a good song