Kodak Black Accused Of Assaulting Strip Club Employee

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  • Est. ni994

    Nigga swears “they” don’t want to see him winning when he stays fucking his own life up by himself.

  • bruh how tf is you in the strip club fightin hoes?

    • Astronaut

      Bra did his best A Pimp Named Slick Back impression.

  • ilikemusic.

    goodnight and good luck

  • kushxchevys

    Lol hoes always lookin for a check

  • NYCityKid

    That nigga need to chill out on them drugs, and he got not one honest person around him. Not one person around him that goin say u fucked up bro, we chillen. Bro lookin like a repeat offender out here when this nigga really talented. Catching Cosby niggas earlier these days.

  • Miami_Mayor24

    Out of all the strip clubs in Miami, he went to Climaxxx (Aka Rolex)

  • Poopmaster

    I can’t stand this fool honestly. I’ve heard one song by the dude…didn’t even finish it, was pure trash and now every article is about how petty this foo acts. Like honestly bruh you ugly as fuck, Like really ugly as fuck and you think acting like this helps your rep.? Money can only take you so far.


    I’m convinced alot of u dudes on here from the suburbs aint neva been in the streets aint neva even been round real niggas cuz yall dont do nothin but hate no congratulations for nobody what part of the game is that who brought u gossipin hatin ass niggas up in the world. And u must’ve never had money either cuz u would know all types of bitches come out the woodworks claimin u did this/that just to get a check out ya n throw dirt on ya name. Instead of upliftin our fellow brothers for their success we break them down for every lil thing we hear without knowin shit bout what REALLY occurred. Yall got too much female in yall blood

    • NYCityKid

      I pray it’s sum out the wood works shit. That’s a fact.

      • DOLLA BILL

        However it plays out I hope lil bruh keep his head up n keep movin forward. If he did it or didn’t it aint for me to judge him plenty of shit gone happen to u on the road to riches its all about the shift game live n learn only the strong survive cuz bitches quick to try n break ya.

        • NYCityKid

          If he did do both situations he a bozo who gets what he deserves. If them bitches is lyin fuck them dirty ass bitches. Niggas goin judge you, that’s just a part of life. Would I still fuck wit him if he did do both ah them shits. Hell yea. Cuz like you said plenty shit goin happen to you on the road to riches.

          • DOLLA BILL

            Im wit u on the gotta face ya consequences for ur actions part. He gotta get his shift game up to par now cuz the bullshit comin. Im fukn wit his music regardless tho I got to im from Pompano

          • NYCityKid

            LOL, word. I just keep remember that judge saying, i’m goin give you a chance etc in that too many years video if i’m not mistaken so he might just have to sit down.

          • DOLLA BILL

            If he did do it n have to sit he did his thing while he had the light on him. Bruh got a feat wit Bun B thats a legend not too many can say they were blessed to get on a track wit. N if he did do it thats some silly shit to have done

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      Listen, I feel you and all. But you tryna save this nigga who clearly is a muthafuckin criminal…period. People DO come out the woodwork, BUT anything that happen to this kid he did to himself. He’s a 19 yr old uneducated kid who came into a little money. When you gettin in, you start thinking you above the law, no nigga. He did this shit to himself….

      • DOLLA BILL

        Im not tryin to save anybody. I dnt get paid for that, I just dnt get how people are so quick to voice their negative opinions bout the next man n what he goes thru in life. But from the way yo response is set up it sounds like regurgitated hatred which leads me to my original assessment that u might be from the suburbs never been a street dude nor been around real niggas so yea.

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    A fool and his money will soon part ways