Kim Kardashian Wants To Divorce Kanye And Take The Kids

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  • BrodieThaGod

    “North, 3, and Saint, 12 months” bitch the baby is 1. Besides that tho, why you need full custody? No more love for the man that’s held you down this whole time? For real, idk why these rappers wife up these dumb hoes and try and start families with em. Wiz got out pretty clean but not everyone can be that lucky.

    • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi

      I dont think you can say wiz got out clean tbh

      • yung

        i was jus gonna say that

      • Music Magicbox

        Wiz got off a hell of a lot better especially since Amber stills wants to be a family with Wiz.

      • BrodieThaGod

        Could’ve been worse for him. Didn’t have much drama, gets to see his kid often, and didn’t lose too much money.

        • kushxchevys

          Wiz gotta pay like 20k for chilr support nigga so that means he has very low to no custody only visitations …worse thing a father can get in court. Im not positive but i now thats how child support works ..i got court in a couple days been goin thru it .

          • BrodieThaGod

            I don’t have kids or any of that so idk, I just seen him posting pictures with his son when I was on twitter too much awhile back

        • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi

          he has to live with the fact he wifed up a massive ho who probably took him for multiple Ms (and still counting).

          Kims worth more than Ye at this point, so maybe she’ll not try and take ye for money… its kind of lame she is trying to hide the kids from him though.


      at least she had her own money not a broke hoe getting pregnant. If they do get divorced better that than hoe that can’t take care of herself financially

      • kushxchevys

        Yeah that aint how it go tho lol they got kids he aint gona get off scotch free

        • DJ CUPCAKES

          yea but it was rumor. But its better for chick be able take care herself than be a housewife chick her on income if you met her when you already established.

    • bushay914nyc

      Um its kkardashian for fuck sake lol what makes you think held down at all? An shes a known slut an fake marrige having for money lol. There whole life is a sham hes an asshole. All time and his mom died getting plastic surgery and he married somebody who has tons of plastic surgery sounds like a case of the crazies to me fuck them let them spend their millions and fuck off stop making music and get off of TV

    • Supreme Trunks

      And she picks right when he needs her most to divorce him? That’s cold blooded.

    • Matt Leon

      Actually I would agree with you in most situations but Kanye has some mental issues. I don’t think it’s that she don’t love the dude but they got kids and coming from somebody that has known a mental person with kids, it’s the best idea to separate from him and keep the kids away for a little bit

  • Allen Smith

    I really can’t read too much into stories like this until something officially happens bcuz everyone is trying to get the clicks and views on blog sites

  • Pell

    He is going to really go crazy, if she divorce him. I knew they wasn’t going to last.

    Ye’ has always been erratic to me. I couldn’t be married to a, man that’s more emotional than females, especially me because I am not an emotional female myself….. so I can’t relate well to people with really intense personalities.

  • LatarionMilton

    Kardashians are black widows. Suck the life out of you and then move on to the next victim.

    • Hogg In The Game

      …and somebody waiting in line, rubbing they hands like Birdman…. smh

      • LatarionMilton

        Exactly, I blame Ray J, this is all his fault

  • us weekly?? please don’t turn this into a bossip style site

    • Towlie

      bruh it already has tbh ,nothing really hip hop on here

  • Jay Tech

    Damn G! He need to live on a budget and fall back on the spot light. You made millions chill out G-
    Now let me slide in her DM j/k

  • kinglobey

    since when has us weekly been a credible source…?

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Lmao, exactly. I hope this ain’t true. I mean damn, to kick a man when he is down is an understatement

  • BOny Soprano

    “Do you think losing the Kardashian could eventually spark a creative revival in ‘Ye?”

    lmaooo damn how bout we make sure the nigga aight first

    • Myleage

      fuck his life, let him make hits lmao its sad ppl think this was about Fantasia and Keyshia Cole

    • AmazingLilBastard


  • dreyb_from_jp

    ni99az gotta stop supporting dumb shit…every week she put up an ass pic looking stupid and ppl love that shit….kayne should of known what he was getting into because they were friends at first….I don’t feel sorry for these dumb ni99az….

  • BigMike

    damn kanye i kno u heard of cant turn a hoe into a housewife

  • jizzle

    Fake ass internet-story…. #ClickBait

  • Je’sus

    Looks like I’m not getting yeezys anytime soon

  • Craig

    Man she is going to drain his soul to stay young and rich. The Kardashian curse is real.

  • ilikemusic.

    Another rapper falling victim to the power of pussy. SMH. Poor Ye

  • BrodieThaGod

    If it’s true, I’m puttin my money on her hooking up with an NBA or NFL player next.

  • YES! This might be the best thing to happen to him. SHE AINT NOTHIN BUT A GOLD DIGGER. Take ya own advice ‘Ye FFS

  • marco

    does anyone else feel like dj akademics is the writer for this site

  • kushxchevys

    Hope he gets 50 50 joint custody no man should ever be ripped away from his child. Hope he recovers quick enough. Fuck mamas like dat. Divorce da man but keep the kids without the court paper work shits bullshit

  • Leekluv216

    LOL why is the Kim the enemy all of a sudden?! You can’t fault her for not wanting to be married to a lunatic…Would yall dudes stay married to a crazy bat shit broad? Would yall dudes want yall kids around that crazy chick? Lol… this goes far beyond “holding ya man down”. Ye need to learn how to hold himself down 1st. Could be wrong but I don’t think its a money thing, shit she probably support him financially.

    • Matt Leon

      Thank you! I don’t want this story to be true all that much honestly but if it is, people can’t be making kim seem like the villain. If Kim is divorcing him and trying to get full custody, it is cause she is trying to keep her kids safe. I could understand if this was just some salty chick that wants to make the guy she was with suffer but this is a woman with kids that is with a man that can officially be considered crazy. It’s best to leave and keep the kids away from him.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Seen all this coming lol

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Saint??? where TF this lil nigga come from, damn! LMAO

  • hammer26

    Publicity stunt! I don’t believe much that has to do with these ppl

  • FlyGuy23

    They were seen FaceTiming together with her BFF. This is just b.s