Kim Kardashian Lost Tons Of IG Followers After Unairbrushed Ass Photos

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  • Food4Thought

    And this is why Kendrick dropped that line in humble..No more photoshop!!!

  • 100squad

    If they ain’t talking bout ya, than your not worth talking about. This lady is a marketing genius. She mentioned heavy in hip hop & music circles. Neva dropped an album or mixtape ..sheesh.

  • Hoes that are fit and do squats till they got a bangin booty are better than these ass injection hoes any day. Nuff said

  • LatarionMilton

    This is not hiphop or a Drake related, whats going on HHE? lol

    • Spookeysmoker

      Yes it is she yeezys wife well sometimes she is

      • Bill Jansen

        How is a rappers wife news about hiphop ?? Is this a photo shoot for a rap video? Or just ass shameing on a rich thot!!

  • locodon

    So her response is not to do exercise or eat better, but to take better fake pics. FOH, SMH.When you do it right, (no surgery or photoshop) you don’t have to worry bout angles and lights. #

    • BlackDeity

      haha yall will learn. When you in front of the camera that’s all it is, lights and angles. These people aint real. Time to wake up

      • The Incredible

        Those paychecks real though.

        • BlackDeity

          you will learn about money too son. In time lol

  • Ye’

    I’d still hit

  • nah. the otter is team plastic and team natural. if kim k gimmie a chance im jumpin right off the top rope in it

    • Astronaut

      Chris Benoit that shiit ghee

  • t-stupid

    Ill hit dat azz all types of way dat fine mf nigga ill drink dat bish bath water

  • AmazingLilBastard

    Looking like a rich ass thanksgiving turkey and shit

  • Spookeysmoker

    That what y’all nugga want fake ass and fake faces I bette don’t see nobody fraudin on here sayin eww when they was just saying how bad this birch was etc on the robbery post

    • Bill Jansen

      Maybe to fuck an do drugs an fuck but def not for wifey fale hoes is hoes

  • Errybody KiLLa

    If I was going to be with Kim K, it would be more for her money than her face and body JS