Kim Kardashian Is Getting Crushed For Tweet About Manchester Attack

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  • ChiCity1988

    What was wrong with her first tweet? Fucking liberals always crying about something

    • Zay

      in these days people bounty soft and want to criticize on every damn thing even if it doesn’t have a thing to do with them

      • DjKhaledStomachh100

        Right and I hate that bitch!

        • Zay

          it’s cool to hate nowadays lol yal be waiting for a nigga to fuck up damn

    • 100squad

      I agree with all you said but the Liberal part, because the people who put it out there
      probably from all sides of the fence..However she do need to higher somebody else (like me) who know how to better “represent” her in sensitive situations, such as this..

  • Poopmaster

    What a fucking idiot.

  • HotlineQueef

    someone just bury this cunt and her mind controlled husband along with her. a Holocaust needs to be performed on that entire family.

  • Konfuzed

    I swear these niggas and bitches are sour af, I’m not a fan of Kim by any means but this pic is not even insulting. #TwitterFingers

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    I heard the concert was the bomb

  • Astronaut

    Looks like theres a need for a “twitter bodyguard.” Damn near might patent this idea.
    . The twitter bodyguard is responsible for deflecting all twitter threats from the client. If the client feels the need to retaliate the twitter guard can send a soul crushing tweet back or punch a nig/bitch through the screen. In a different scenario the twitter guars is responsible for bringing bad bitches to the party, he has permission to fuck these hoes and tell the client if the pussy good or not, p.a.p. smears are a must. Hiring starts in 2020. Upvote for future info

    • SkidRow


    • Supreme Trunks

      Good idea but save it for when we can have holograms or have telportation devices.

  • SkidRow

    who said that line about you need people like me so you can point your finger and say that’s the bad guy? I def ain’t defending the girl but thats what this reminds me of

    • HotlineQueef

      tony montana

  • youknow

    ignorant bitch

  • Jonnae

    So then what was wrong with the tweet?