Kidd Kidd Vehemently Denies Maurita Robinson’s Accusations He Beat Her

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  • jbise9420

    They all have an excuse when the truth comes out. It takes a bitch to hit a bitch

    • Phillip Narcisse

      That shit old that bitch lying Kidd Kidd a real nigga the fuck you mean hoe ass nigga

    • Amuri

      -White Knight

  • Valentine416

    lemme say this: FUCK that bitch. anyway sometimes a bitch gets out of pocket and needs a wake up call lol

  • Ibraheem Musa Usman

    Ain’t no fucking problem kicking disrespectful hoe up thinking she can control your life.These stupid ladies of these days think you will just disrespectfully assault men and think you can go free.fuck you all

    • REDD

      STFU u prolly mad cuz u get no hoes at all lol

  • Samisback

    either this bitch is crazy as hell or this dude is the future chris brown

    • myear2015

      Dat Bitch is crazy as hell!

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    I highly doubt Kidd Kidd would pull some shit like this though.

  • XLR8

    Blood looks fresh, she must have posted that pic during the beating. Whoever is at fault here needs to grow the fuck up, if she did it to herself he should drop her immediately but if he did this to her she needs to hit up the police hotline and not instagram 50.

  • Coquelins Godfather

    Why didn’t she snap her entire face? Lying ass hoe

  • REDD

    i aint tryna be funny but that blood look FAKE AS HELL

  • G-Boogie

    My question is this…, why post on social media instead of calling the police at the exact moment when it happened?!!

  • Destiny Rudd

    Yall some dead beats! For even letting the idea cross your mind that it’s cool to hit a chic! #cowards