Kid Cudi Checks Himself Into Rehab

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  • frankwhitedc

    First . Ha , I have returned

  • Eptoday

    Can’t say I’m surprised. But i am surprised the editor and “journalist” used were instead of was at the end.

  • Astronaut

    Personally i dont understand the thought process of to harm ya self and i been thru some shiit. Least more folks are open to going to rehab and at least tryn make a difference with themselves. Cuz really anybody can tell you ya have a problem but rehab is when you say “I” have a problem and believe it.

    • KingNelson

      You’re probably more mentally stronger than he his G!! Folks deal with shit differently from others. Not a real big Cudi fan but I hope he gets over whatever it is that’s fucking with him.

    • Supreme Trunks

      It ain’t about mental strength like dude below said. It’s a literal chemical imbalance in the brain. Have you ever seen a mf always happy no matter what goes on or at least SEEMS always happy? Well if that can happen the opposite can happen. Depression has taken out a lot of people. Hopefully homie can fight through it.

      • Andre Owens

        Who the ones telling us about chemical imbalances? Doctors right who the ones selling the expensive pills to help it ?doctors ! Just follow the money trail it leads straight to bull shit

        • flex

          Bro… there are chemicals in your brain. Different people have different amounts of em. That’s just a fact not a conspiracy my g

  • Andre Owens

    Damn Cudi . show me where the internet hurt you,oh because of all the shit you got from the Speeding Bullet album

    • D Moe

      Tell me how you’re gonna take shots at someone but don’t have any idea how to use common punctuation, haha. Leave the insulting to niggas who understand commas, my G.

      • Andre Owens

        The streets don’t care about punctuation ! this aint no damn grammar class nigga FOH!


          You should care though, doesn’t look good. The point is not to kick someone when they’re down.

          • Andre Owens

            Look this world is tough i care but its all in his mind ,only he can fix himself ! Id trade places with him right now it would be awesome to me but it’s depressing to him

  • Leftty

    I dont think their is something wrong this guy just needs to promote he’s album and since no much people care this is the way to do it!

  • Johnny Doe

    Man that’s nothing to be ashamed of. If anything that’s good news. I’d rather hear that he’s getting help through rehab than him being dead from an overdose.

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  • WhoIsMeekMill?&kidcudi

    this dude ain’t a leader to anyone

    • vagina_hurts

      you’re a pos

    • Kingquazy

      Sure he is.

  • ilikemusic.

    Bout time. Shit he should have done it before speeding bullet Hope the album is dope

  • metro

    Get well soon

  • 100squad

    If I stopped Fn with Kanye on the production, beats,thoughts,direction etc..
    My music & life would be a bit depressing as well. Hope he feels better tho..

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