Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife Weighs In On Infidelity & Sex Tape Extortion Scandal

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  • Craig

    Nobody told you to divorce the nigga for cheating. His new wife ain’t that’s why it will still be her at the events and not you. Guess you should have took it on the chin and stayed with the nigga champ.

    • jurassicjrod

      if you want a hoe, go get a hoe….if you want a wife, treat her right….if you just gonna cheat, dont marry the bitch, and go live the player life…marriage is supposed to be about agreeing on a way to be a couple (etc.)….not about cheating….it would be diff if they were open, but they weren’t, they agreed to a marriage….if you don’t like it, then don’t get married

      ur logic is why there are fuck bois around every corner

    • Killa Cam Newton

      Yea i just seen a pic of her with the ring on still. But i bet money he got a tough as prenup that makes her stay lmao

  • Whitedude


  • Astronaut

    Real shiit my queen

  • Yolkipalki

    good rule of thumb,,,,, if you get fat , you will be cheated on.