Kevin Gates Speaks On His Heroin Habit

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  • MrMc Clay

    He is like DMX but he gay with it.

    • AC

      Stfu ol pwussy ass

      • MrMc Clay

        I’m scared of a white 12 year old lol I’m shaking in my boots lmao

    • dafuq

      How the fuc is he gay with it

      • MrMc Clay

        Listen to his last album he says he will kiss his lady after she sucks Dick he said it.

        • FreshIzAsFreshDoes

          How is that gay, if thats your lady

          • MrMc Clay

            Yes is my wife in the photo.

          • It’s Better This Way

            Umm I’m sure he wasn’t asking you if that was your lady in the photo lol

          • MrMc Clay

            I figured it out lol

          • MrMc Clay

            She sucking Dick another guy cums in her mouth and you kiss her that’s his versus. Why would u kiss her after another man cums in her mouth that’s gay?

          • jesse

            I imagine he meant after she sucks his dick, not another guy. But I wouldn’t know. I don’t listen to him really

          • CLOVER•

            I let my bitch suck my dick then I grab her like undertaker do when he choke slam nggas and I kiss that bitch

      • Time882709

        This psycho can’t even be Compared to Dark Man. Swallow and choke on this L. ya lil bitch

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    this might the devil

    • lol, click my profile, because you’re close

  • dafuq

    If they on lean what you think they use if they can’t get lean duh

    • SubconsciousMIND

      you seen that wale interview on the breakfast club didn’t you? LOL

      • It’s Better This Way

        Lol he had to have seen it, I just made a statement about it myself.

  • Big Roxx

    “My dick won’t even get hard unless I snort a line of that boy” – Gates “Weight” (2013)

    • Anyside Hunnabound Nosidebangi

      I remember that nigga saying that

    • nexan28

      maybe that’s what I need to fix my shit. Hmmmm

    • Nay Nay Montgomery

      I think he was talking about coke.

      • voiceoftruth

        Boy is heroin

  • Time882709

    Nigga is a Lame and obviously has no discretion. You know the devil got him on the payroll

    • Kingquazy

      The devil doesn’t deal in money.

      • Time882709

        Well Damn, since you on the inside. Let a nigga know wassup!???

        • Kingquazy

          The Devil deals in POWER. And 9 out of 10 fucktards believe Money is Power.. but it isn’t. The REAL Power is Knowledge. Those with knowledge know that money is an illusion. This is why the bible specifically states that the forbidden fruit hangs from the Tree of Knowledge. The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

          • Time882709

            lol okay well shit… I ain’t the devil nor am I rich.. Let’s talk about Power cuz I got a lot of it. Tell him I said hello and Jesus is on his way

          • DEPROGRAMMED

            Hahahahaha. I guess ya kinda right slick. Knowledge get you $.

          • DEPROGRAMMED

            But what does the knowledge of good n evil do?

          • Kingquazy

            Gives you power. Power that most of your fellow men lack.

      • It’s Better This Way

        Well what does he deal in?

        • Kingquazy


          • It’s Better This Way

            Also fortune & fame… So yes he does deal in money. He knows the human weaknesses. Everyone knows how weak most people are for money. Greed is everywhere.

          • Kingquazy

            No… Fortune and Fame is something HUMANS give existence and relevancy to. What they represent is POWER. Mankind gives these things value, and so they equate to those who have them gain POWER over those who don’t. The Devil wanted to be God. The Devil deals in POWER.

          • DEPROGRAMMED

            What you think money gets ya. You think ya slick.


      u are ur own devil “do as thou wilt”

      • Time882709

        Miss me with that. Niggas become devils

      • Kingquazy

        “Young Nigga Preach’!!!

  • sirrahskywalker

    hes referring to lean and other painkiller pills not actual heroin lmfao goofys

    • OnlyTheReal

      Nigga what????

      • sirrahskywalker

        thank you sir

    • Keith Thorn

      He didn’t say lean he said heron. If he’s your idol then just accept it. Don’t twist his own damn words just cause you salty.

      • sirrahskywalker

        lmfao what would being salty have anything to do with that. and apparently hes your idol cause you running to the rescue #dead

      • sirrahskywalker

        thank you for coming in and correcting me. have a nice day sir

    • Hoodstar Los

      He admits it hisself if u a real gates fan before all da hype u would kno in his song he says “my dicc won’t even get hard unless I snort a line of that boy”

      • Dakidd Tsmg

        And one time he said “As I Resorted To Dog Food ” (Heron) in Louisiana

        • Hoodstar Los

          U sho right too

          • sirrahskywalker

            thank you for agreeing with him sir

          • Hoodstar Los


        • sirrahskywalker

          ok im sorry sir. thank you for coming in and correcting me. have a nice day sir

      • sirrahskywalker

        ok my bad im sorry sir. thank you for coming in and correcting me. have a nice day sir

    • josh k

      Nigga boy is herion not lean or percs son do ur homework

      • sirrahskywalker

        im sorry i dont chill around heroin often bro…….

      • sirrahskywalker

        thank you for the info sir

    • sirrahskywalker

      dam these dudes came to gates rescue #dead thats how easy it is to get people on the internet quoting others i guess

  • Golgo 13

    thought it was something where he is denying that he take its

  • manwhore

    That’s why he fucked his cousin huh..

  • Marshall

    That boy crazy. Seen peoples life go down the drain within 6 months of doing it. I snorted it once and I know why people get hooked on it that feeling is intense. But most are to stupid to never do it again. If your smart enought yull never try it to begin with.

    • It’s Better This Way

      It’s about having mind control.

    • Its not about being stupid enough to try it again. In most cases the drug changes the chemistry of people’s brain causing them to crave it again physically, even after the first use. It’s called addiction

  • It’s Better This Way

    Wale said in an interview today that there’s a lot of rappers doing heroin. Said that when they run out of lean that’s when they to the drug. So I won’t be surprised if Kev is being serious.

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      If you know anything about BR or the NO, you know he’s not lying…

  • josh k

    Damn niggas in denial bout anotha niggas habits even tho he himself admits himself damn its a milli dope feins dont think rich folk exempt

  • josh k

    An did you not just watch that lil statement

  • Dyceraw120

    Damn gates i just wanna know is u shooting or snorting brah. .now i know why u kick that fan a few months ago. ..nigga u need to stop that shit..ctfu

  • fukya

    I respect Gates he a real nigga and dont give a fuck what nobody think and speak his mind. What he does is his business…

    • Derek Cannon

      Real niggas dont do heroin fam.. real niggas dont out poison into their body

      • fukya

        Real niggas also stay in their lane and dont worry bout what dont concern them…poison is poison heron, powder, liquor any of it is poison. Its none my business what the next man does…

      • fukya

        And u never kno wat “Real Niggas ” do behind closed doors alot these niggas is actors bro, saying one thing and doin another. I dont agree wit him ddoin H but he owns up to it and its none my business…

      • FractalB

        I also hear “real niggas” stay on the “Down low” with they “homeboys”

  • ₩£$T ₩£$T

    Thought this nigga said he dont get tired because he takes care of his body. Straight out his mouth. He had a new water he was trying to get a deal on n he takes care of his body. Yea nigga you dont get tired cause you on that coke. But you drink lean, if not why you double cuppin, and now we find out yous a heroin addicted. Swear i get tired of these fake niggas. N he dont toot, he boot. Look at his arms when he had dreds. Crackheads that use to hustle.

  • kush817minded

    I den a few of his interviews and he sound like he know what really goin on but doing heroin…come on now…now I think he just a drunk man talkin

  • Us Kzar

    He’s talking about codeine..

  • Dad hog

    Do you Kevin fuck everybody else

  • King Coyo

    I lived in new Orleans for 2years str8 outta jail from Texas… I stayed in every project in lower 9 backatown and across the river.. To east side by she she’s.. Even shared a cell with a coming down herion addict in chalmette… I can truly say down there dro and that boy go hand and hand like coffee and cigarette… I just can’t fuck with it… Shout out to my B.R. niggaz 51/50.

  • Kingquazy

    Law 6 : Court attention at all costs.

  • Robert Mata

    It’s just rhymes. HHE probably taking shit out of contex like they usually do

  • Khary King

    What exactly is a BR?

    • Quai Ontario

      Baton Rouge

  • B SippiBoy Hamp

    Boi is not coke its a difference between that shit.. That boy a fool.. I hope he ain’t fucking with that dog food