Kevin Gates Sides With Stacey Dash On Black Life Matters

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  • He made some good points

  • Anthony Mitchell

    Im done hearing him speak. I like his music but hearing him speak irritates that fuck outta me.

    • flex

      Same. Gotta separate the music from the man. Kinda hard to do

  • Richard Ferguson

    really gates? i fucks wit ya music and all but i think you done ate so much ass that you can’t taste the shit thats comin outta ur mouth right now. just cuz there are some ‘good’ cops that ‘do there job’ doesn’t mean that a racism problem doesn’t exist here in america. maybe you were belligerent in YOUR bad experience with cops but thats like saying you were belligerent with the kkk and deserved a lynching for your actions and haven’t had a problem with them since. c’mon bruh.

    • Wle Rbns

      Damn you’re so stupid. Let me know when cops start lyncing for no reason at all. Dumbass of the Month. Let me know if a cop just sees you and shots you. He makes logical sense. Illusive ass nigga. Just anything to keep the hate up. FYI we got our civil rights due to a non-violence movement shouts Dr. Martin Luther King. Any issues upon form that is due to us only.

      • flex

        Do some research. The police were literally created for black people. Police departments in the South evolved from the Night Watches and Slave Patrols to catch runaway slaves. Some of the same locations too. The literature is there on the internet. A lot of people don’t know

        • Wle Rbns

          Alright just stay boxed in with the conspiracies you research off the internet from people who think they know. Cute. The police was created for black people; yeah ok, I really feel scared when I see a police officer. Using your fucking brain logic. You people are stupid as fuck. Do some research. GTFO with that redundant ideology. Like I said I have my rights as African American. Y’all can have the hate and stupidity.

        • Spookeysmoker

          We will never have a equal position in America.yes the Feds got mlk X and Kennedy assassinated they also make jails to hold black people. Many people didn’t and won’t know why the police force was created due to ignorance.shit all these immigrants come over amercia get so much love but no immigrants would even stand a chance In America if it wasn’t for MLK America is ass backward every other race or religion that come to America gets to keep there values God culture.yet black people were robbed of all that due to the fact we would run shit….just as we built america…..

        • Torrance Green

          The police were not created before black people the police existed long before that. When you mix propoganda with opinion and fact you lose credibility. If you do some reserve you’d know there has always been a “police” presence in every civilization back to the Romans and Greeks they were just called solders.

          • flex

            You’re right. There has always been some sort of “presence” to try to maintain order. Community volunteers, soldiers whatever it might have been. The fact remains though, that the modern day police force in America evolved from Slave Patrols and Night Watches to capture BLACK runaway slaves. Hell quite a few KKK members were known to be part of the police force in disguise. The history of policing in America is filled with discrimination, cruelty and injustice

            Hard to believe? Look into it bro

          • Torrance Green

            But your statement was the police was created for the oppression of black people. That the police department evolved FROM night watches and slave patrols, but that statement can’t be true if police departments and the concept of policing the community existed before the creation of the kkk, slave patrol, night watches or even the idea of slavery. There has always been some form of community policing since the formation of a CIVILIZED community. I can agree that the police force has been used as a tool to oppress any given group of minorities but I have to challenge you when you say that is the sole purpose of its creation and existence.

          • flex

            Bruh, look at both my original comments. The first one says “Police departments in the SOUTH”
            The second one says “police departments in AMERICA”
            I understand what you’re getting at. Early forms of law and order existed. I’m not arguing that. I said police departments in the South, and Police departments in America.

            The American policing system of today evolved from slavery, night watches and Slave Patrols. That is a fact.

          • Torrance Green

            “Do some research. The police were literally created for black people.” From your first post, and your gonna tell me America existed for 200 yrs. Without police until the first african slaves arrived. All I’m saying is the chronological order your trying to place things in don’t make since and discredit the point your trying to make. You can’t tell someone to do some reserch when your using false facts to support your opinion.

          • flex

            Neither did I say it was the SOLE purpose of its existence. My dad is a detective. I understand the purpose and need for police in the community. I’m just saying this American policing system is rooted in discrimination, injustice and slavery

        • SmokeyDaBear

          He said the police was created for black people lmaoooooo who’s mans is this?! Dumb niggas just say anything nowadays lmaooo police is nothing but a governed force that’s been around for centuries in every nation. Hell even African nations had “police” back their most powerful times.

          • flex

            You’re right. There has always been some sort of “presence” to try to maintain order. Community volunteers, soldiers whatever it might have been. The fact remains though, that the modern day police force in America evolved from Slave Patrols and Night Watches to capture runaway BLACK slaves.

            Hard to believe? Look into it bro. Instead of insulting and trying to discredit me, do a simple search

  • Ivan Anderson

    I think his music is trash. I used to value his opinion, but apparently he’s been too busy (as my man says below) eating ass and not reading any books. So dismissed!

  • samwalsh

    The cops don’t deserve respect, they shoot innocents ffs

  • marquest robinson

    Today’s rapper and you guy support that bull shit Music give me the 80’s back

  • ShaneM34

    The man is spot on, put aside your opinions of him and listen to the truth!

    • Wle Rbns

      People want to continue the hate though, so despite what he states is logical sense, people will always find a reason, and not even a logical one, to keep the hate up.

  • chrisc12

    I get what he saying….if the police stop you they look for us to act crazy so if we do they act crazier and shoot us and get away with it….so if we choose to conduct ourselves wisely…most of the time the situation will go different but gates is missing that some cops are prejudice and would not stop a white man or woman jogging at the same time so he is off some….

  • John McGoldrick

    This article is talks about “Black lives matter” and Kevin Gates and Stacy Dash. Kevin Gates said that “All lives matter”. In the interview Kevin Gates “I’ve got my ass whooped by the police before,” Gates explained. “But do you know why? I was belligerent … I deserved what I got.” He also says admits that it was the way he acted is why he got beat up by police officers. He has changed the way of behavior and has not gotten beaten up since. He has tattoos all over his body even on his face. This is important because of all the people who get pulled over for wearing hoodies and other things like that. He is the typical person who you would think would be pulled over for the tattoos on his face but he has not gotten pulled over for that. We talked about how the African Americans were oppressed and this is being oppressed. I think it is wrong that African Americans are oppressed and I agree with Kevin Gates that “All lives matter”. This is what my family and I think. Everyone’s lives are equally important in this world because everyone deserves to live a long happy life.

  • fillmo

    Gates should’ve kept that police comment to himself, cause the powers that be don’t want us to act rational with the cops, cause that’s justification for them killing us. His career over, that nigga only exist cause he ignorant, trying to spit logic and knowledge they ain’t with that shit nigga. He better go back to spitting that ignorant nonsense our black youth likes to listen to.