Kevin Gates Assocaite Yung Mazi Shot Three Times; Brags About Surviving On Social

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  • AC

    I dont get tired we ouchea

  • The rapping undead

  • kobe


  • mudface

    These fraud ass niggas be happy af to brag about anything. Yes it’s a blessing to have survived but not something cool to be praising…..

    • Moe Paul

      Hell yeah

  • Leftty

    Add another 3 bullets and call the
    Guinness World Records

    Dumb F***s

  • deethedon

    Well I don’t know about everyone else but when someone uses the word God or prayer in reference to there survival me saying something negative is equivalent to booing someone singing a gospel song on apollo

  • ilikemusic.

    Bet he drank a IDGT Energy Drink before the shooting went down! Kevin savin lives

  • Ju Moovin

    This dude was put here on Earth to do something of purpose. He been shot 10x’s and not dead! Never heard his music before this but I’m going to check him out. Stay up Bruh!

    • Craig

      Yeah but what???? This dude has been underground in this rap game for a minute and it is apparent he is about that life because he got all kind of interviews for all the times he has been shot. He got a garage full of expensive cars and they all got bullet holes.

  • Craig

    Bruh, this dude is always getting shot. The last time he was hit in the head and had to go through a bunch of therapy to function properly again. Im talking drooling could barely talk the whole 9 If you can find the interview online you would think he would make a change in his life by the way he was speaking on it….. but I guess as he recovered he started to get right back into that street life….. If he is really surviving these shootings because God has another purpose for him i wish he would find it. .

    • Moe Paul

      You right. I just saw that. These dudes jokers.

    • Moe Paul

      He stupid

  • westbankfat


    • vapaperboi .

      yeah must be moving wrong

    • Moe Paul



    i thought he was a dyke from the video niggaz getting .22 removed smfh

  • Kory Lanezs

    After 10 shots you start revaluating your life son.

  • Amuri

    How you brag about getting caught lacking? smh niggas…