Kevin Durant Rumored To Have A New Sideline Chick [PHOTOS]

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  • Samisback

    is this TMZ or a hiphop site? I’m confused

  • 100squad

    I swear drake got stock or investments in this here company

  • LOL true as hell

  • d1gord

    Bitch is Foine!

  • Food4Thought

    She always been on my no pull out list

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    1. Why is Drake in the article?
    2. What does this have to do with hip hop?

    • Matt Leon

      they gotta throw Drake in here to keep it hip hop lol

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        I swear they are on Drake’s payroll.

        • Matt Leon

          Honestly, after hearing about how Drake had bought the rights to that British TV show that he’s supposed to be getting a role in, those rumors are seeming more and more believable lol.

  • Je’sus

    At this point I think they read our comments and just do it for fun.