Kevin Durant Comes For Shaq Over Javale McGee Threats [VIDEO]

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  • shaq def od on mcgee…but goddamn javale mcgee gives him endless material lmao

    • Jonathan Vincent Davis

      shaq was running fast breaks at near 300 pounds in his prime.. man was unstoppable..only thing he didnt have was a jumpshot lol

  • the straight up truth

    Shaq – 4
    Durant- L

    • Dave

      Huh? Bro he just completely destroyed shaq.. “you shouldnt be casting stones , especially from beyond the foul line”…. bro thats like the most clever shit ive ever read.. ever.. shaq deserves L for going at magee so much.. shaq acting like a girl in elementary school that likes a boy but doesnt know how to be nice about it

  • thatsjas2 .

    Durant got alot of heart now!?!?….i wonder why?

  • JonSnow

    Whose mans is this? Did he even watch Shaq play?!? What in the actual fuck Durant, the man has 4 rings you have none . He is the best center to ever play the fucking game keep his name out of your mouth . He’s lucky he didn’t have to see his ass in his prime .

  • sound wave

    he destroyed shaq but its still an L for kd