Kendrick Lamar Had His ‘DAMN.’ Producers Sleep In The Studio

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  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Now drake realized he can just take songs from no name rappers

    • Bill Jansen

      And he got caught an made xx famous an now he stealin london hati type shit lol whats next latin reggatone hahaha drakay achkii

      • Je’sus

        He’s Already done a reggaeton song. ” odio”

      • Craig

        Shit you must have heard the new reference tracks….

  • Human

    Dear HHE writers,

    You are terribly biased towards Drake. So much so, that you are arguably paid by him to write these shit articles promoting his alleged greatness. Chiefly because on this Kendrick article you were quick to write in a verbal dick stroke to Drake about an album that came out nearly half a decade ago as well as neglect the fact the Kendrick just sold over 610k in his opening week with critical acclaim, which is good for the culture. You are self serving and miserable individuals.


  • supaninja

    Y they act like Kendrick didn’t do that with his last 2 albums

  • Craig

    He should have let them niggas sleep comfortable….. the album would have been better.