Kendrick Lamar Weighs In On Swizz Beatz x Timbaland Battle

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  • frankwhitedc


    • youknow

      do u win a medal?

      • frankwhitedc


      • frankwhitedc

        Do you have a pic for your profile ?

      • Throw dem Paws den

        He be doing shit like dat. Let him be great lol

  • frankwhitedc

    I’m taking timbo

    • Don

      Same, people sleeping on timbo fasho

      • frankwhitedc

        Like shit bruh . Plus i hate swizz beats beats, all them shits sound the same

        • TKingLives

          Man noooo haha he’s a legend, some of my faves are Blood Pressure(Jadakiss), Blackout(DMX), Twisted Heat(Drag On), We Put It Down For Yall(Bustah), Fuck You and We Are The Streets(LOX), Kiss Of Death(Jadakiss), Down Bottom(Drag On), Keep Your Shit the Hardest(DMX), Heat(DMX), Pop That Cannon(Cassidy), Aim For The Head(Cassidy), Scream On Em(Game), Ugly(Jadakiss), Welcome To The Jungle(Jay), Untitled 07(Kendrick). When it comes to raw rap and all the artists he has helped and worked with hes top 5 to me. People hop on a swizz beat and go the fuck innnn haha.

  • Ro’bins


  • youknow


  • smith jones

    Just blaze… respect to these Two though

  • TKingLives

    Swizz allday, man has wayyyy too many classics under his belt.

  • Mike Taylor

    I’m taking timbo I all day

  • TKingLives

    Hahah yeah, everyone likes different shit i guess but swizz is just in my blood haha.

  • Daniel King

    I could not choose between these 2 swizz beatz has made some crazy bangers so has timbo I like them both