Kendrick Lamar Has Unreleased Tracks With DJ Premier

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  • prob en up on another untitled unmastered type project

  • imaginationsequation

    Good portion of your readers don’t know premiere

    • Food4Thought

      I completely agree and it’s sad that I have to

    • Poopmaster

      Haha that’s funny

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    Theres so much unreleased heat from so many artists, i hope it doesn’t come down to auctions and shit for them to release it

    • Dvillain.

      I hope it comes down to hackers taking all their shit and releasing it to the fans

  • JohnWiick

    “Didn’t make the album”….

    Wow, It’s a pretty sad day for the rap game when Premier beats don’t make an album. Let me guess, not poppy or trendy enough for all these scrawny ass kids out there? SMH.