Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Colin Kaepernick

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    Nigga Might as well go join the Canadian league, or play arena football.. the NFL is over for his ass

    • Poopmaster

      What annoys me is that people think he is good and that the reason he isn’t picked up is some political stand. I mean I know he isn’t the worst but he’s not going to lead anyone other than a defense run game dependent team to the playoffs he sucks way overrated.

      • Astronaut

        You tripping bra

        • Poopmaster

          You think he is a good QB?

      • William Vestal

        Haha so I guess all those other qbs, rookies and ones coming out of retirement were a better pick right? Like they can lead they’re team to 10 victories and a playoff run. HA. Don’t repeat everything you read. The leagues teams are owned by white men they thrive off a system of racist, white supremacist capitalism and the moment a Black man, Kaep not being the only one in this country, stands up and points out the faults of this system aagainst POC(people of color) they’re castrated and kicked out of there society. GTFOH making excuses and shit

        • Poopmaster

          Nigga, don’t be fooled by his super bowl appearance. He got there with Alex smith’s ticket. Clearly though you don’t know shit about football. Trying to flex your political views and shit no one cares about that shit. They trying to win games.

  • Ghostface-

    shitty quarterback, wasnt going to get renewed anyways.

    • Je’sus

      Man compared to dolphins and jets qbs Bruh could fit there’s only 7 good qbs

  • WiseGuys Advice

    You can’t lose viewers as a result of your controversial protest and lose viewers because you suck at the same time. Truth is, besides his protest dude wasn’t winning for the team. First couple of seasons he was productive because he ran the ball just as good as he threw the ball. But teams studied him and began to read his movements. Same with Cam Newton, he did good his first season, now teams are able to read him and he’s not as productive on the field. The protest isn’t the only reason why he’s not being resigned.

    • Frank White

      Uh u must not have seenCams last game…

    • Poopmaster

      He was productive for about half a season we he came in to for Alex smith. Which is when San Fran started to crumble.