Are Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Still Doing An Album Together?

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  • Light Dat Blunt

    Like i said before both of these niggas gotta fuse on Some Dragon Ball Z shit to take on Drake & His album sales.

    • Mega

      Nobody is gonna beat Drake sales. He got little girls buying his music. He got gays buying his music. He got over sensitive men buying his music. He got washed up 40 somethin’ year old ladies tryna relive their youth buying his music. His audience is just much much bigger.

      • Drake Is A Faggot

      • Matteo Fontes

        facts fam

      • 2tearsSr

        Drake directly identifies with each of them…

  • Yung Shoota

    They can get young thug to make the album with them then it be the 3 Gayest niggas in the rap game

    • sean

      man, who peed in ur coffee?

      • Wahkeen

        You mean who put coffee in his pee? This wanna be troll ass nigga ain’t shit but a waste of time and space. Don’t even bother givin’ this fool attention.

        Once everyone realizes that if you stop replying back to his lame ass he’ll have nothing to say. Kids the definition of ignorance.

  • Yung Shoota

    them niggas should called this album “HENNY N XANAX” because this bullshit ass boring ass album gonna have the same effect n put niggas to sleep

    • Vulqn

      They have more important things to say than you ever will.

    • Shut The Fuck Up You Ratchet Ass Bitch

  • Infiniti G35 Driver

    They love rap, yet they dickride trey average yea oooookk

  • Fuck that, when are Wale and Cole doing that mixtape they promised? They said one was coming and that was before Cole dropped Friday Night Lights

  • VilliagersUnite

    I have been waiting for this moment