Kendrick Lamar Isn’t Going To Stop Rapping The N-Word

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  • TheKingShaun

    He black, he dont need to stop saying it.

    • StyalzFuego

      with all due respect……everybody sez it…..I’m Latino and I was taught that word by White Boys…..that use it in the same text as the Brothas do……I’m just careful who i use it with…..and i taught those around me the same……if i feel comfortable around a person or i know you 4 years plus…..i use it….or say it… “That’s my Nigga right there”…..or than that blame N.W.A. or some of the Brothas cuz Black Culture has a huge impact in America and what y’all consider cool…all the other Races follow…..i don’t care what Silas in How High Sez…..the N-Bomb is a part of Life In Amerikkka…..

      • Negrone

        vaffanculo tu e le tue merdate

        • Chuck Beef

          Lol he said he was latino, not italian. calm down boyo

      • TheKingShaun

        I totally agree. nowadays that word is considered a “black person” word which is why i said he doesnt have to say it, not to say that nobody else can. I have friends who are of different races who say it as much as me , and i say it alot due to the fact that i grew up around the word. It all comes down to how you use it and who you use it around. Im black btw haha.

      • TheKingShaun

        stop saying it *

      • XLR8

        Man when I hear Latino people or Whites used it I think either 2 reasons why they say it. They are either racist or being fake with everyone, there is no reason for you guys to say it. Blacks use it to take the power out of its racist meaning and some Blacks don’t use it all because of its hateful history, no one else has a reason to use it. I just believe its fake and lame to copy a group in this sense, then people try to reason with themselves as to why its right by saying “Blacks say it”. Which still doesn’t make any sense, when your people are degraded by the word then you will have a reason but so far you never walked in Black people shoes. This world is still filled with too many racist idiots for this to be acceptable and if you don’t want to be mistaken as one avoid simple things as this issue.

        • Je’sus

          Some whites or Latinos your age probably was raised in the same neighbor hood of minority’s so when they hear it a lot it’s adapted to their vocabulary

    • Kyle C Walker

      You are incorrect sir ! because your black should mean you are disgust by retards who say it in the respect to your fore fathers who where real slaves and actually where called that as there given name! im surprised at how many black people actually countine today saying it to each other. Don’t smoke crack ! Drink chocolate milk instead!

  • Phenom1250

    Kendrick is right though, saying shit like nigga and cuss words is hard to stop saying. You can’t just simply stop saying them, even on accident.

  • Kyle C Walker

    Well the word nigga was made socially exceptable by tupac while fight for equal rights. The problem is that the word is not used in this context any more and is being abused to absurd extents. How many time do you have to say the word in a song to fill in intelligennce ? If te word was used in its correct analogy then it would accepted. But instead its used more frequently as a radical descrimination towards a race. If a white person says nigga in any context he’s claimed to be a racist yet the rap game is mostly run by black people and very few selected and choose white people can enter that house with out permission. Which is the same with country music to white people. So for you to say this word a hundred times and not understand the meaning behind it is a lie. It’s disrespectful to all black people who were actually a victim of racial profiling. I’m not even gonna go into the name of kendricks album to pimp a butterfly? Smh just because very one else in your hood says nigga does not mean they even a understand what there saying. Think about it like this all black white brown are human they wher give birth names and with that dignity and soul. Now Imagine your name was gone and replaced with nigga ? Oh that nigga invented the light bulb ? oh that nigga cured cancer? It is a fill word to take away your presence and with that legacy. You want to be remembered as nigga? Or Kendrick? You want your name in the hall of fame were ledgends sit to be nigga or Michel Jordan? This is the problem with the word who shot ya ? Oh that nigga there? Who ? That nigga? Come again? That nigga right there? Ok but we can’t find that nigga by that name what his name ? I donno that nigga.. You see it’s not what you think harmless fun. And white people love it when you say it as well. They invented the word so every time you say it you just remind them that they created a monster that black counting to use toward each other.
    Dumb as shit when you think about it but it’s what everyone says and does right? Ok Try replacing nigga with baaah every time you want to say nigga and watch how many sheep say the same dam thing 20 times in under 2 min. Let’s be real it’s not racist and its not need every rap record. Black peoe are racist as well as white and Chinese ect… Get of the bullshit already and stop filling in your tracks with a word that make you sound like goth grader that dropped out of school because snoop dog told you to. And this isn’t against anyone black or Kendrick cause he is talent and yes one of best lyricists out right now. This is just my take on the word nigga! Power to the people the people have the power/ power is in the music the movement that kills cowards/

    • Johnny Doe

      Nobody got time to read all that

      • Kingquazy

        Not to mention he was wrong first sentence in lmao People hug Pac’s nuts WAAAY too hard smfh Rappers been saying “the n word” since day one. Fuck is wrong with people smh

        • Desmond Bellard

          he refering to Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished

          • Kyle C Walker

            Never new that was the reason for the a thanks Desmond respect!

      • Kyle C Walker

        Hahaha no body has time to read all of what you typed. Would be the correct way to say that! And if you don’t have time read all of that ? Then I presume you don’t have time to care about anything. Take the 30 seconds it takes your your brain to comprehend complex thoughts.

        • Johnny Doe

          I still do not have time to read all of your ramblings and whatnot. Please, just publish a book. I guarantee you that no one will read that either.

      • ChiTownT

        A that shit was like when my chick be mad and I won’t answer and she send them long ass rambling texts. I read the first line then delete that shit.

        • Kyle C Walker

          Hahaha ya and I bet that bitch has your kid and you a bum ass hustler that don’t pay his child support either ! Delete ! Have you even done the fucking math on who makes it being a drug dealer and how many get fucked for there entire lives? No because you don’t got time for that. Delete!

    • BJ

      Rappers was saying nigga way before pac.

      • Kyle C Walker

        I said pac glorified the word. Not that he invented it! And he he is the one influences the niggA spelling instead of nigger which he stated nigga was to take back the power of which the white peoples held back from from black people and be little a race. Do your research before you come at me with your ignorance!

        • LA

          Damn, never knew that. That’s a beautiful and powerful message!

          • Kory Lanezs

            You read all that shit?

          • LA

            I actually do yes. I like to hear different opinions about a subject. I find it very interesting to hear different people’s opinion. Even when that opinion is controversial or absurd. It learns you to see things from different perspectives and creates empathy.

    • TheKingShaun

      I feel you bruh , but in the end , it’s just a word.

      • Kyle C Walker

        Yes and no now adays it’s just a word but this word changed allot of things that people tend to forget because it Is now just a word! If don’t live for something then you die for nothing. Don’t be a sheep following lead because leaders that lead build castles followers don’t do shit but ridicule people who do things. But your right it is just a word until it’s not !

    • Trent

      Just say power to the people. You make the context of the word. People utalize it but will never look up Negro, Negra, etc. Its a intelligence situation. No its a communication situation. Why do you care how one communicates to another individual. The history of yesterday does not premit you today or the next so worry about you.

      • Kyle C Walker

        What? The topic is the nigga how the fuck

  • LA

    To me personally the intention of a word (any word by the way) is much more important then the lexical meaning. Words are a way to communicate in my opinion, so if I get the intention of what you’re saying, it does not really matter to me what words you use. You can call me ‘bitch’ or ‘asshole’ for all I care, if your intention with that is to tell me: ”I’m a good friend to you”, and I understand that I’m okay with it.
    Although… I know that a lot of people are offended by the N-word and therefore I wouldn’t call them that if they don’t know my philosophy on this world and my intention behind it.

    To say someone can’t say the word no matter what, sounds stupid to me, because their is a whole history linked to that word, so in a historical sense I think it’s definitely okay. But I think it is important to know the history behind it, before you use the word.

    • Kyle C Walker

      Agreed ! But if where talking speaking to each other as friends and homies and say nigga to each other the is mutual respect but to say it in public at a club to your homies when there are fifty block people around and let’s say your white? It does go over to well. No matter what they now look at you in a different way. Be it racist or stupid it’s disrespectful when a white guy says it in any context but when black guy says its ok?

      • LA

        I personally think you should be careful with when, or if, you use the word (it’s always good to be careful with what you say for that matter). To say it in public is not a good idea because you don’t know how other people feel about it, and they don’t know your intentions. So if someone wants to use it I’d suggest to use it only in a historic way, you know, more like history lessons, explain the word and why it can be offensive, or when you’re in company with people that know your intentions and are not offended when u use it. In that way I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, hispanic or purple for all I care.

    • XLR8

      See thinking like this open doors for Blacks to then call a White a cracker or a Hispanic a wetback, you are crossing lines using the word no matter what context its used in. I know many Black people who won’t used the word under any circumstances and me myself only use it whenever its said in a song or sparingly on hip hop sites like this one. Now if more than half the Black people I know never uses the word than I know for sure someone of a different background could easily avoid the word but I’m not understanding the motivation to use it. Do you guys think it sounds cool? Do you think that is a way to embrace Black culture? Are you trying to be Black? It makes you look fake, I need to a hear a better reason then “I heard this person say it”.

      Also the fact you said “Although… I know that a lot of people are offended by the N-word and therefore I wouldn’t call them that if they don’t know my philosophy on this world and my intention behind it.” Tells me that you have good control over what you say and cautiously use the word, meaning you aren’t using it like a Black person does. When some of my Black friends use the word, it just rolls right off their tongue without a 2nd thought, its just more humorous and way less offensive for Blacks to use it because of the historical reasons.

      “To say someone can’t say the word no matter what, sounds stupid to me, because their is a whole history linked to that word, so in a historical sense I think it’s definitely okay. But I think it is important to know the history behind it, before you use the word.” You can’t be serious about this statement… Out of respect you shouldn’t say the word because you yourself knows there is a great possibility it will offend someone coming from you, its still defined as a racial slur, that hasn’t changed. In a historical sense its definitely not okay, that’s the whole reason why its disrespectful to say the word. Blacks are still given a hard time about using the word by the media and pro-black leaders like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah and many more, so you know its not acceptable for anyone else.

      • LA

        I don’t mind someone calling me a cracker or a hispanic a wetback for that matter, as long as I know his intention is not to degrade. Personally I don’t use the N-word unless it’s used in historical sense, (because I know it can be degrading to a lot of people) and sometimes I’m not aware of everyone in my surrounding, but in my opinion everyone is allowed to use it. I have black friends who use the N-word and even call me that, because their intention with calling me that is to say: ”You’re a good friend”, yet they also know the meaning of the word historically. The word simply has gained another meaning to them when they say it within their circle of friends. So I’m not sure who you exactly mean by ”you guys” but in my circle of friends it’s a legit word depending on the context. If I or another friend says it to one another, it’s definitely not defined as racial slur at that moment. (because of the intentions I mentioned earlier)

        What I mean by saying it in a historical sense is: if you can’t say the word, you can’t explain why it’s disrespectful, so therefore I think it’s allowed to say. What if I told you you can’t say R*** because it offends a lot of people. Do you have any clue which word I’m referring to right now? Probably not, because you don’t know which word I’m talking about. So how can you explain the word is inappropriate if you’re not allowed to say the word itself. With the freedom of speech comes that you’re allowed to use any word you like, but there’s also the responsibility to know the meaning and intention in which you may/may not use it.

        I’ma say it like this: words can’t offend me, intentions or actions do.

        I don’t know if you understand my perspective after this comment, but please know that I’m absolutely not trying to offend you or anyone else. I’m very willing to discuss and expand my view about topics like this and I very much appreciate your comment!

  • XuUP17

    What’s incredible is Kendrick has the power to eliminate it from hip-hop. I kinda thought he was overusing it on TBAP to make a point, and that he’d move away from it in his coming music. He still might. Personally, I don’t think it carries the lofty “removing the hatred” connotation anymore. It’s a regular cuss word in the black community and you don’t hear it in polite conversation.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    We all can’t be Will Smith, can we? Lol