Kendrick Lamar Forgets Words To ‘Vice City’ So He Freestyles Fire [VIDEO]

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  • ilikemusic.

    King Kendrick.

  • BOny Soprano

    True lyricist. There’s no time that aint go time.

  • Lord_Farquad


    C’mon man, that’s what passes for “fire” these days? Ya’ll good & gottdamn loose with that word now. : lol Everybody/thing f*ckin’ “fire” nowadays. -_-” lol It was aight, especially considering the circumstances, but no.

    • djayjb09

      Niggas talk more than critics these days…

      • Lord_Farquad

        So you don’t think people should be critical of anything?

        • melanie.parton

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    • Hi im James

      fire or lit haha

    • Myleage

      can u freestyle off the top randomly on stage in front of hundreds of ppl and stay on beat with the song?

      • Lord_Farquad

        …fuck should I know? In the words of Supa Hot, “[But] I’m not a rapper.”

        • Myleage

          then ur standards are waaaay too high, you need to cut it

          • Lord_Farquad

            LoL +1 for the quote, but yea, I guess so. Iono…I’ve seen people freestyle live on the radio, and they did better than that, and then I’ve seen people freestyle in shows, and do about as good as K.L., but then again, those people weren’t freestylers either, so iono…maybe the location does play a part.

          • Myleage

            i think its easier to do a radio interview, but on stage and trying to stay with the beat is much harder. its not a “oh ish” freestyle but it’s impressive for the situation

    • Joshua Spurgeon

      Maybe the verse wasn’t fire but it’s a freestyle after he forgot the dang lyrics in front of a big crowd. I think you being a bit too critical of something that you couldn’t do bro

  • Ye’

    Idk if I would call that fire but it flowed nice


    2016 the year where nothing is acceptable

  • Blow My Nose

    fuck did i just watch

  • Unfuck the World

    4/10 all things considered. He had one verse for Rock’s show. Straighten up Kendrick. You’re too up there for that slack shit.

  • Luis

    I give it a 5 but it was good and I love Kendricks work