Kendrick Lamar Declared 2017 Sales King

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  • Allen Smith

    Wonder what these numbers would look like 10 years ago…. both Wayne and 50 sold 1million in 1week, 50 did it in 2005 and Wayne 2008

    Side note Eminem did it twice but he’s white so…..

    • casarezrich

      Not as many DL back than. Kendrick would’ve done 1 milli also back than. What was that, 2008 for Wayne and Get Rich or Die Trying?

      • Je’sus

        Carter 3

      • Allen Smith

        The Massacre

    • Guy

      50 did it in 03 and 05

      • Allen Smith

        What album was 03?

        • Guy

          I stand corrected sir thought he did it with get rich

          • Allen Smith

            It’s all good bro

    • LatarionMilton

      C4 sold 964k first week, so Wayne pretty much did it twice too

    • Andrew Trevillian

      Mathers did it with MMLP, Eminem Show, and Encore. That’s 3.

      • Nicholas IcoNick Loomis

        Not Encore

    • Ratchet God Rep That Cap Life

      why people mention em like him being white is not a factor

      • perfect

        Why does it have to be about being white? That has nothing to do with it.

      • Matt Leon

        You realize that with Em being a white rapper, he’s honestly at a bigger disadvantage than anyone would be. So really him being white just makes his accomplishments all the more incredible.

      • Supreme Trunks

        I’ll wait to hear a single white rapper that ever did Em numbers

  • bawse

    what are the numbers on a day-by-day basis? Drake did his sales in 24 hours and it took kendrick an entire week.

    • BC

      it wasn’t 24 hours to an entire week. it was a 2 day difference. read the article.

      • bawse

        well lets see what drake sold in those 2 days. I’m guessing drake did 150k-250k+ in those 2 days. so we’re talking 550k vs 750k. That’s my point

  • Steve Raze Norris

    So, they’ve declared him sales king of the year… APRIL. #Meh