Kendrick Lamar Confirms That He Recorded ‘DAMN.’ To Be Played Backward

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  • Supreme Trunks

    Careful bro. French is going to say u a weirdo for thinking this deep about an album

  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Illuminati Fuckery

    • SlimJuve25

      how? tracklist in reverse order is Illuminati? wondering when drake changed the order of playlist did you think it was Illuminati Fuckery? no difference they both changed the order of tracklist the label made for their album

      • SlimJuve25

        nvm bruh thats the way hhe stated it not what kendrick actually meant

        • frankwhitedc

          You ok bruh ? You talking to yourself and shit ?

  • jurassicjrod


  • Astronaut

    Still havent hears it all

  • Still just meh