Kendrick Lamar Addresses Criticism Over Only Buying His Sister A Toyota

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  • Astronaut

    He a good one. I wouldve said “fuck em” as simple as that

  • Johnathan Dough

    He coulda got her a Beamer or something honestly.

    • RaDizzle

      Shes a kid she fuk it up tryin to sho out in a beama

    • black adam

      says the nigga waiting at the subway station prolly.

      • Johnathan Dough

        Lmfao nah actually. 94 Chevy caprice sitting on 24s. White paint chrome wheels like a napkin on a nickel.

        • Frank White

          we can be anything we want on the internet

          • Johnathan Dough

            @hwdsizzle954 on ig. No reason to lie about a bubble chevy lmfao. Where’s your ride?

          • kasvinification

            ty for telling us where you live dumbass.. 🙂

          • OG Mart!n Tr!gga ✞✈️

            i disagree with Johnathan Dough bout the beamer but kasvinification still gotta hold the L

    • Dizbe

      I’m pretty sure you weren’t driving a brand new BMW when you were 18.

      • Johnathan Dough

        If my brother was a millionaire then yea he woulda bought me a Beamer lmfao.

  • RaDizzle

    I can dig it hes makin his money stretch u can drive da hell out of a yota but in sumthin foreign u gotta watch da miles on dat bitch

    • Allen Smith

      Yea there is no retirement fund for rappers but it’s not about the money it’s about staying humble and he’s trying to give his younger sister that mind set of staying grounded, I have a good job and I’ve bought everything that I’ve wanted besides ridiculous stuff but none of those things made me happy at all, you get stuff and you just keep wanting more, it never ends and you’re never gunna be happy when it’s all said and done, so just appreciate what you got and rock with it basically

      • RaDizzle


  • Lord_Farquad

    GREAT lesson there, and I salute it. Get her a Toyota when she grads. H.S., get her truck or foreign when she grads. college, get her a condo or house when she grads. law or medical school or whatever….#IncrementalDevelopment #Don’tNeedToBuyAWholeHogForTheSnout #BeHumble

  • Conner

    Got to respect that man, what he is saying is he dosent want his sister/family thinking they are better then anyone else because of the money they got. Remember where you came from, the struggle you make the money dont let the money make you, be having your nose growing out real fast

  • Blac

    Lambo’s get like 12 miles to the gallon don’t they? Toyota’s get 30. People complaining guaranteed are unemployed or make 10.50/hr.

    • Astronaut

      I aint gone hate on someone making more than minimum. Shows they wont settle for less in most cases.

  • Food4Thought

    Obviously the people complaining never really had to work for shit in their lives..Shit you can pass me that 2017 Toyota right now

  • Manny Bravo

    Why are people pocket watching and telling him how to spend his money? Most niggas can’t even afford to buy their sister a tricycle. Kendrick is smart for saving.

  • DonCDaCapo

    That’s mfs that don’t appreciate money nd because they don’t no the value of a dollar cuz everything was handed to them cuz I damn fo sho woulda appreciated that

  • D.J

    People bothering him is the reason black people remain at the bottom of the damn economic later and still remain the damn worker B. Class signing your name on houses you cant even afford even after you die and the insurance policy you own not even going to pay for your house lol. Our people are so ignorant. You give a dumb nigga money and he goin jump up and down transformed right into the damn white man spending his whole damn life away atleast thinking they like the white man anyway. unbelievable.

  • MasonLestat


  • Bagk

    How do you even complain? It’s an up to date Toyota. Plus, how was she going to afford the maintenance? Kendrick’s money??? Lol.

  • RaDizzle

    I was wanna thanx to K.Dot for buyin dat yota n not ford i appreciate it

  • Kathryn Faulkner