Kelis Shades Nas And Nicki Minaj

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  • Astronaut


  • Conner

    Fuck kelis money hungry gold diggin bitchh

  • Melo

    Kelis is the reason why her and Nas split. She’s a drama queen. She’s mentally unstable.

  • BeenASavage

    Nas Top 5 In Rap History. Khalis he aint worried boutchu.

  • smith jones

    That benz is toughh every forza game I get I get that car in my garage…

    Late 80s early 90s best cars madeee

    • frankwhitedc

      I got a 91 camaro , my favorite out of any I’ve owned In the past or own now


    Is it me or is the grille emblem leaning to the left on that Benz??

    • Shon Larsson

      Nope youre right – its 11:59

      • Logic Nthe Chi

        The shit y’all notice. Thought I paid attention to details.

    • duh

      I was jus checkin the same thing

  • gotta give it to ya…yall really made an entire article out of a celeb liking somebody’s ig comment.

  • Shon Larsson

    You know this could be just an attempt to gain some legitimacy after the no-response vs Remy months ago. IM not buyin it.

  • Jonnae

    Doesn’t this bitch have another husband? Why the fuck is she still stuck on her ex, I don’t get it.

  • FaboLoso

    Lol she probably got tired of them nicki fans trollin her ig

  • jurassicjrod

    i can’t believe i read this stupid shit….shame on me